Chapter 966: Demon Puppet Revealed

Chapter 966: Demon Puppet Revealed

Xiao Yan’s words caused the entire arena to become stunned. Although his performance earlier was extremely shocking, it seemed that it was far from sufficient for him to rely on that strength to speak to an elite peak four star Dou Zong in this manner. Actually, no one could be blamed for thinking like this. With Xiao Yan’s current age, most people would feel that it was a little ridiculous to believe that he could defeat a Wind Lightning Pavilion Elder who had long become renowned. Moreover, Xiao Yan had also stolen the secret skill of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. The Wind Lightning Pavilion would not let him off no matter what. Most of the people present were merely adopting a mentality of watching a show play out in front of them.

Cold smiles were lifted on the faces of those from the Hong clan. From the way they saw it, Xiao Yan was completely seeking death by contradicting Chen Yun in this manner.

Han Chi also laughed bitterly in his heart as he let out a sigh. He did not know why the extremely calm Xiao Yan would suddenly say such words. The strength of this Chen Yun was similar to that reclusive Grand Elder of their Han clan. Xiao Yan’s strength...

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