Chapter 965: Not Qualified

Chapter 965: Not Qualified

The unexpected change that had occurred in the arena caused the Sky Stone Stage to become a lot quieter. Everyone looked at one another, feeling uncertain about what had happened. From the way they saw it, Hong Chen deserved to be seriously injured. After all, the other party had let him off, but he had actually launched a sneak attack. Such an ending was something that he deserved. Of course, due to the strength of the Hong clan in Tian Bei City, no one dared to voice the thoughts within their hearts.

“Hong Li, what are all of you doing?”

Other people might not say anything, but the Han clan definitely needed to step forward. Immediately a group of human figures rushed down from the tall platform before finally entering the arena and appearing beside Xiao Yan.

“Hong Li, Hong Chen has already been defeated in this match today. Does the Hong clan wish to eat their words?” Han Chi furiously stared at Hong Li and coldly cried out, “The Sky Stone Stage is the natural fighting ring of the Tian Bei City. One’s life and death is up to fate when one fights in this place. Don’t tell me that your Hong clan is unaware of the rules?”

Hong Li’s face twitched a little upon being reprimanded by Han Chi. The fierceness in his eyes surged...

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