Chapter 965: Not Qualified

Chapter 965: Not Qualified

The unexpected change that had occurred in the arena caused the Sky Stone Stage to become a lot quieter. Everyone looked at one another, feeling uncertain about what had happened. From the way they saw it, Hong Chen deserved to be seriously injured. After all, the other party had let him off, but he had actually launched a sneak attack. Such an ending was something that he deserved. Of course, due to the strength of the Hong clan in Tian Bei City, no one dared to voice the thoughts within their hearts.

“Hong Li, what are all of you doing?”

Other people might not say anything, but the Han clan definitely needed to step forward. Immediately a group of human figures rushed down from the tall platform before finally entering the arena and appearing beside Xiao Yan.

“Hong Li, Hong Chen has already been defeated in this match today. Does the Hong clan wish to eat their words?” Han Chi furiously stared at Hong Li and coldly cried out, “The Sky Stone Stage is the natural fighting ring of the Tian Bei City. One’s life and death is up to fate when one fights in this place. Don’t tell me that your Hong clan is unaware of the rules?”

Hong Li’s face twitched a little upon being reprimanded by Han Chi. The fierceness in his eyes surged as he furiously laughed, “The old me doesn’t care. This brat has hurt my son. The Hong clan will definitely not just let things be. Does your Han clan wish to start a war with my Hong clan because of an outsider?”

Han Chi’s face turned gloomy. His gaze stared at Hong Li as his cold voice firmly resounded above the arena, “Xiao Yan is someone the Han clan has invited. If we abandon him after he lent our Han clan a hand, who else would dare help our Han clan in the future. Even if you wish to use war as a threat, I shall clearly state that the Han clan will protect Xiao Yan!”

The Han clan had to step forward even if they needed to start a war with the Hong clan for an outsider regardless of the benefits or losses in doing so. If they were to shrink back at this moment, the reputation of the Han clan would become terrible. In the future, they could forget about surviving in the Tian Bei City. Han Chi clearly understood this point. Hence, his words were extremely stern when he spoke them. There was not the least bit of hesitation.

These words of Han Chi were not without any effect. At the very least waves after waves of cheers sounded from around the Sky Stone Stage after these words were uttered.

Seeing that Han Chi was determined to oppose him, the expression of Hong Li immediately became extremely ugly. Although the words he spoke were a little vicious, their Han clan did not stand on the righteous side in the matter today. However, it was also impossible if he was asked to swallow this foul taste of Hong Chen being crippled for no reason. Hong Chen had always been seen as the rising star of their Hong clan. The clan had put in an enormous amount of effort to groom him. However, Hong Chen had been completely crippled by Xiao Yan. How could his fury be extinguished?

“The Han clan does have some courage…”

A faint old voice suddenly sounded while Hong Li’s expression changed. Everyone followed the voice and looked over, only to see the gray-clothed, old man.

Han Chi’s eyes swept over the gray-clothed, old man. His expression changed slightly after pausing on the badge on the other party’s chest. “Someone from the Wind Lightning Pavilion?” Everyone knew that the Wind Lightning Pavilion was incomparably strong and was unreasonable in their actions. The people there were were also terribly arrogant, causing others to involuntarily feel worried.

“May I know old sir’s name?” Han Chi cupped his hands together and courteously asked. Even though the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion was merely one of the four pavilions, it was still much stronger than their Han clan. Hence, Han Chi was naturally afraid of slighting the other party.

“The old me is Chen Yun from the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion.” The gray-clothed old man raised his eyes. His voice still remained impassive.

“Chen Yun? Doesn’t that name belong to one of the four great Elders of the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion, Elder Yun?” Han Chi’s heart tightened upon hearing this name as he anxiously asked.

“You are indeed worthy of being the Han clan by having quite a great understanding of my Wind Lightning Pavilion.” The gray-clothed, old man smiled faintly as he replied.

“Old Chen must be joking. The four great Elders, Feng, Yun, Lei, Dian are all renowned within the northern region of the Central Plains. How could this younger generation not know about them.” Han Chi cupped his hands and smiled. Immediately, he probingly said, “Old Chen, Xiao Yan has indeed been a little too heavy-handed in the matter today. However, the blades and spears don’t have eyes when one fights. Injuries and deaths are common…”

The gray-clothed, old man waved his hand and interrupted Han Chi’s words. He glanced at Xiao Yan, whose expression ultimately did not show much changes before slowly speaking, “The grand Elder of the Han clan and I can be considered to have been acquaintances back then. I shall not make things difficult for you. I can indeed temporarily put the matter of Hong Chen being injured aside. However, before this, this person must honestly account to the old me just where the Three Thousand Lightning Movement that he practices originated from.”

Chen Yun’s face suddenly became much darker and colder when he spoke until the end. The Three Thousand Lightning Movement had a special meaning to the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Not only was it one of the top agility techniques in the Wind Lightning Pavilion, but only by mastering the Three Thousand Lightning Movement until the highest level would one possess the qualification to practice the Wind Lightning Pavilion’s most guarded skill.

Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body!

The reason that the Wind Lightning Pavilion possessed its current position on the Central Plains today was related to this Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body. However, the difficulty of practicing this was extremely high. One of the requirements was that one needed to master the Three Thousand Lightning Movement until the highest level. During these years, there had been few people, within the entire Wind Lightning Pavilion, who had successfully mastered it.

One could describe the Three Thousand Lightning Illusionary Body as the evolved form of the Three Thousand Lightning Movement. Hence, this agility Dou Skill was guarded very tightly by the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Unless one was a core disciple, one would not have the qualification to practice it. Now, however, this old fellow had suddenly seen this agility Dou Skill being displayed by Xiao Yan. No wonder he would be so affected by it.

The expressions of Han Chi’s group changed when they heard Chen Yun’s words. Their shocked gazes looked to Xiao Yan. Clearly, they also felt extremely surprised that Xiao Yan was actually in possession of the Wind Lightning Pavilion’s ultimate skill.

“The Three Thousand Lightning Movement is only something that I obtained by chance. I would like to ask Elder Chen. If you were to suddenly obtain a Di class agility Dou Skill, would you abandon it or would you practice it yourself?” Xiao Yan raised his eyes, looked at the gray-clothed, old man, and spoke in an indifferent manner.

“Obtained by chance?” Chen Yun laughed coldly. He said, “Ten years ago, my Wind Lightning Pavilion’s Book Collection Hall was broken into by someone who ended up stealing quite a number of Qi Methods and Dou Skills. Among them was the Three Thousand Lightning Movement. I think that you should have some relationship with that person, wouldn’t you?”

“If you wish to trump up the charges, there is no need to worry about the pretext of doing so. I do not have the blessing to enjoy this great charge of Elder Chen. Don’t tell me that the people of the Wind Lightning Pavilion all act like this?” Xiao Yan only laughed coldly in the face of the charges of this old fellow.

“Brat, shut your mouth. Do you think that the Wind Lightning Pavilion is something that the little you can insult? Moreover, you actually dare to act so presumptuous in front of Elder Chen? Looks like you really look down on his elderly self.” Hong Li stepped forward and furiously yelled.

Han Chi frowned slightly upon hearing these words. He quietly scolded ‘shameless’ in his heart. By saying these words, this fellow was clearly intending to place Xiao Yan in front of Chen Yun and get Chen Yun to act. Thus, the Hong clan would have taken revenge and would not be badmouthed by others.

While Han Chi was quietly scolding in his heart, his sleeve was suddenly pulled down. He turned his head, only to see the pretty face of Han Xue begging him. A low voice was transmitted into his ears, “Father, you must help him…”

Han Chi laughed bitterly and sighed. This girl…

“Old Chen. This matter is likely just a misunderstanding. If we discuss it properly, we should be able to resolve it. Why must we meet with swords drawn?” Han Chi cupped his hands toward Chen Yun and spoke courteously.

“This matter has nothing to do with your Han clan. The Three Thousand Lightning Movement is one of the secret skills that cannot be spread to any outsider. Hence, this matter cannot simply be put aside.” Chen Yun coldly glanced at Han Chi. His gaze immediately slid to Xiao Yan as he coldly spoke, “You have two choices. One, return with me to the Wind Lightning Northern Pavilion and allow the pavillion head to decide how to deal with you. Two, the old me will kill you on the spot. No matter what, the Three Thousand Lightning Movement must not land in the hands of an outsider.”

The people from the Hong clan quietly laughed in a cold voice upon hearing the words of Chen Yun that left no room for argument. The faces of Han Chi’s group had turned extremely ugly instead. Han Xue’s pretty face had suddenly become a lot paler.

“Old Chen…” Han Chi opened his mouth with the intention of saying something more.

“Han Chi, the old me only allowed you to speak so much on account of the grand Elder of the Han clan. Do not fail to appreciate kindness. This matter is not something that you can meddle in. If you really wish to do so, your Han clan will likely be unable to endure the fury of the Wind Lightning Pavilion.” Chen Yun coldly cried out.

Han Chi’s expression changed slightly upon hearing Yun Chen’s cold cry. The strength of the Han clan and the Wind Lightning Pavilion was too far apart. If the other party intended on destroying them, it would only require an intention.

“Uncle Han, this matter has nothing to do with all of you. Do not continue to meddle…” A laugh was transmitted over while Han Chi was struggling in his heart. This caused the his heart to shake. He raised his head, only to see Xiao Yan’s smiling face.

“Xiao Yan… sorry…”

Han Chi’s fist was slightly tightened as he sighed. He was the clan head of the Han clan. He was responsible to the Han Clan for each and every single action. These words of Xiao Yan had clearly indicated that he did not wish for the Han clan to be implicated in this matter.

Xiao Yan smiled. He did not blame Han Chi. The strength of the Wind Lightning Pavilion was extremely great. It was fine for Xiao Yan who was by himself. At the very most, he could just flee. The Central Plains was huge. How would the Wind Lightning Pavilion be able to do as it pleased? However, if he were to get the Han clan involved, the Han clan would become his burden. Hence, Xiao Yan was still extremely calm in his heart. Actually, when it came to this level of his, all of this no longer matter. The so-called laughing at the situation was describing this principle.

“Hei, it is unexpected that you still have some loyalty.” Chen Yun coldly laughed. His shriveled hand was slowly extended from his sleeves as he faintly said, “Since that is the case, are you planning to follow me back to the Wind Lightning Pavilion, or do you wish for the old me to act and cripple you?”

Xiao Yan suddenly laughed as he looked at the indifferent face of Chen Yun. He shook his head, “I am not interested in the Wind Lightning Pavilion. Hence, I will not go…”

Chen Yun nodded. The killing intent in his eyes soared.

“In that case, you are choosing the second route…”

Xiao Yan slowly raised his head. Pride flashed across his young and handsome face as he parted his mouth and smiled.

“As for crippling me… honestly speaking, you are still not qualified to do so with your strength, which has not reached that of a five star Dou Zong!”

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