Chapter 963: Exterminating Lightning Hammer

Chapter 963: Exterminating Lightning Hammer

Only when the last jade-green flame shrink into Xiao Yan’s body did the soaring aura finally come to a slow stop…

Not even the slightest Dou Qi seeped from the surface of Xiao Yan’s body. However, an invisible pressure swiftly spread out with Xiao Yan in the middle. This pressurizing feeling was far stronger than Hong Chen’s after he had used the Lightning God Descend. If Hong Chen was currently at the level of a nine star Dou Huang, Xiao Yan should truly be at the peak of the Dou Huang class. He was merely just one step away from the Dou Zong class!

“What a powerful Secret Technique… this increase in strength is something that even the Lightning God Descent of the Wind Lightning Pavilion could not be compared with. Ke ke, looks like Xue-er has really invited quite an incredible being…” Han Chi looked at Xiao Yan, whose aura was vaguely similar to his, from the Han clan’s seats. Surprise involuntarily surfaced on his face as he smiled and spoke to himself.

“When he was in the Inner Academy back then, he had dared to intervene in a battle between Dou Haungs when he was still an ordinary Da Dou Shi. Now that a couple of years have passed, his achievements would naturally be even more terrifying. Although Hong Chen is a genius, he is inferior in front of Xiao Yan.” Han Yue smiled sweetly as she explained. She also rejoiced upon seeing Xiao Yan getting the upper hand. After all, this was related to her marriage. It would be a lie if she said she was not nervous.

Han Xue by the side also softly laughed when she heard what Han Chi had said. Her pretty eyes stared at the linen-clothed, young man in the arena. Those clothes that were usually extremely ordinary looking gave her a feeling of a special yet ordinary vigor when they were worn by him. It was just like a peerless sword that was hidden within an ordinary scabbard, emitting a sharp sword aura that cause one to be afraid…

The young man currently in the arena was undoubtedly the most dazzling existence on the Sky Stone Stage…


Xiao Yan let in a long breath as he sensed the surging strength within his body. Borrowing the effects of the Secret Technique, he had already reached the peak of the Dou Huang class. During this instant, he seemed to have vaguely sensed a non-existent film layer. This film layer did not appear to exist. However, regardless of how the strength in his body climbed, he ultimately had difficulty touching it. There was no need to even discuss breaking through it…

“This… could this be the barrier to breakthrough to the Dou Zong class…” Xiao Yan thought deeply while he muttered to himself in a soft voice. After the brief experiment, he was vaguely aware that the Dou Qi needed to breakthrough to the Dou Zong class would definitely be an extremely frightening amount. Even though he was currently at the peak of the Dou Huang class, there was still an extremely great distance to that stage.

This small step was something that many experts were unable to leap past during their lives. One could imagine the difficulty involved.

“If I am in possession of the last two changes of the Skyfire Mysterious Change at this moment and use them in collaboration with the ‘Heavenly Flame,’ would I be able to breakthrough that barrier?” Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered while his heart felt a little boiling hot. This method might really be of some use. If he had the time in the future, he might be able to give it a try.

Xiao Yan’s swiftly pulled his mind back to reality as this thought flashed through his heart. He slowly raised his head and smiled at the solemn-faced Hong Chen on the opposite side. His hand immediately held his heavy ruler tightly as his foot stepped forward.

With a step, he had nearly flashed over hundreds of feet.

Hong Chen’s expression also changed slightly the instant Xiao Yan stepped forward. Silver-colored lightning hurriedly surfaced under his feet. Immediately, his body shook…


A dark-black heavy ruler suddenly appeared above Hong Chen’s head. It ruthlessly smashed against his head. However, no blood was seen splattering. Instead, the ruler passed through the figure.

“Three Thousand Lightning Movement huh?”

Xiao Yan laughed coldly in his heart after his body reappeared. His feet suddenly shifted by over a dozen step in a strange manner. The heavy ruler was just like a long lance that pierced straight toward a certain space in front.


A dark-black metal hammer hurriedly appeared from the empty space when the heavy ruler was pierced out. The hammer collided heavily with the ruler. Immediately, one could see a figure appearing. Hong Chen’s feet stomped on the ground as he hurriedly pulled back by over ten steps. Only then did he stabilize his body.

“Why does the Three Thousand Lightning Movement not have any effect on him?” Shock flashed across Hong Chen’s face after his position was once again easily identified by Xiao Yan. His hand, which was holding the Mighty Lightning Ruler, trembled slightly. That fierce attack by Xiao Yan earlier had nearly turned his entire arm numb. After having used the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change, Xiao Yan’s strength had clearly become even stronger than Hong Chen’s.

The cold smile on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth widened after forcing Hong Chen back with a swing of his ruler. He took repeated steps, each of them ten meters in distance. In the blink of an eye, he once again caught up with Hong Chen. His arm trembled and numerous ruler shadows repeatedly appeared. Finally, they appeared to have transformed into enormous great waves that came one after another as they violently smashed onto Hong Chen.

Faced with this sudden wild, violent attack by Xiao Yan, Hong Chen had become miserable-looking. The Mighty Lightning Hammer in his hand danced repeatedly as it carried a faint wind lightning sound and viciously swung toward the ruler’s shadows that covered Xiao Yan.

Clang! Qiang! Clang!

Two human figures flashed repeatedly on the arena. The speed of the two was extremely great. An ordinary person was only able to hear the repeated sounds of weapons clashing and the sparks that erupted from them. Only those people with sharp eyes were able to find the bodies of the two people.

At this moment, the situation in the arena was one where Hong Chen had gradually fallen into a disadvantage after Xiao Yan had used the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. His Dou Qi was not as powerful as Xiao Yan’s. When comparing agility, Xiao Yan was able to rely on his Spiritual Perception to identify the position of Hong Chen at any time. If it was in terms of physical strength, Xiao Yan’s body was far stronger than Hong Chen after having been refined by many natural treasures and the ‘Heavenly Flames.’ How could Hong Chen fight with Xiao Yan in this situation were he was always at a disadvantage?

Any sharp-eyed people could tell that the chances of Hong Chen winning in this kind of situation were already beginning to sharply decline.

The people from the Han and Hong clan were naturally among those who could sense such a situation. The Han clan members were revealing a dense smile while the Hong clan members were becoming gloomy. They had full confidence in Hong Chen. This confidence originated from his performance over the years and ability. However, they had never imagined that the Han clan would find an expert who could really contend with Hong Chen or was even stronger than him…

This had caught them by surprise.


The heavy ruler and the metal hammer once again violently collided. Xiao Yan’s eyes turned slightly cold. His arm was like a snake as it was twisted in a strange fashion before suddenly appearing in front of Hong Chen. Xiao Yan’s palm smashed down and struck Hong Chen’s chest in a lightning-like manner.


A powerful force immediately swept over Hong Lie’s body like floodwater as the palm fell. His face turned white and a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. His body suddenly shot backwards, dragging over the ground and forming a scar that was over a dozen meters in length. Only then did his body slowly stop.

The sudden change in the arena also caused an exclamation to break out all around them. It was the first time that a person had really spit out blood and become injured since both parties had begun to fight. Moreover, the shock on their faces became even denser when they saw that the person, who had been forced back after being injured, was Hong Chen.

With the battle having continued until such a stage, some people who had observed carefully had discovered that Hong Chen had not even touched Xiao Yan’s clothes since the beginning. Yet, Hong Chen had already ended up in an exceptionally miserable state.

Xiao Yan raised his eyes slightly after forcing Hong Chen back with a palm. He glanced at Hong Chen on the ground in the distance and faintly said, “Stand up, that palm won’t take your life.”

“Pah.” Hong Chen’s face was dark and cold. His eyes were filled with a ferociousness. A mouthful of fresh blood that was mixed with his saliva was spat out before he slowly climbed up. Sinister words were emitted from his mouth, “You are the first from the same generation who has forced me into such a state.”

Hong Chen rubbed the blood trace from the corner of his mouth. He raised his head and revealed a pair of savage eyes that seemed to belong to an injured wild beast. He violently bit his tongue and a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. It was scattered onto the Mighty Lightning Hammer. When the fresh blood made contact with the hammer, a bloody stench immediately began to spread over the Mighty Lightning Hammer.

Hong Chen inhaled a deep breath of air while his hand held the Mighty Lightning Hammer. A roar was immediately emitted from his mouth as violent lightning affinity Dou Qi surged out of his body in a cackling manner, appearing just like lightning. Finally, it completely gathered on the Mighty Lightning Hammer in his hand.

With the gathering of an increasing amount of lightning Dou Qi, the blood trace on the Mighty Lightning Hammer also scattered. It merged with the lightning Dou Qi, causing the wild and violent strength within it to soar by many times.

Looking at Hong Chen’s actions in the arena, the expressions of those in the Hong clan changed slightly. The gray-clothed, old man also sighed softly as he said, “He has actually forced Hong Chen to use the Dou Skill that was personally taught to him by the Pavilion leader of our Northern Pavilion. This Xiao Yan is indeed very strong. It is likely that there’s hardly anyone among the same generation of the Wind Lightning Pavilion who could compete with him. Unless…”

The gray-clothed, old man shook slightly when his words reached this point. Immediately, he muttered, “Unless Miss Feng is the one fighting…”

Hong Lie’s body immediately stiffened when he heard this. His suppressed voice spoke with shock, “Miss Feng? Old Huan, are you referring to that Miss Feng who was the only one in the Wind Lightning Pavilion within the last hundred years who had passed through the Sky Lightning Tower test?”

The gray-clothed, old man nodded indifferently. He did not say anything else as his eyes looked at the arena.

The Dou Qi within Hong Chen’s body in the arena was completely poured into the Mighty Lightning Hammer. A lightning glow that was over a hundred feet in size lingered over him, wrapping his entire body within it.

“Exterminating Lightning Hammer!”

A hoarse voice was suddenly emitted from within the lightning glow. Immediately, the Mighty Lightning Hammer in Hong Chen’s hand appeared like an enormous sky lightning that violently smashed into the ground. At that instant, the entire Sky Stone Stage began to shake in an intense manner!


The Mighty Lightning Hammer smashed heavily onto the ground. Enormous cracks repeatedly spread out. Immediately, a lightning glow that was over a hundred feet in size transformed into a savage lightning beast that shook the ground and formed many crack the moment its four limbs landed on the ground. After taking a couple of steps in this manner, it appeared above Xiao Yan’s head like lightning. A soul-stirring roar sounded and its claw, which was agglomerated from lightning, violently smashed toward Xiao Yan’s head.

Space became distorted with this attack. Threads of dark-black spatial lines had even vaguely appeared. This force was indeed terrifying.

Faced with this savage lightning beast’s frightening speed and attack, Xiao Yan also felt a little surprised in his heart. A silver glow suddenly appeared under his feet. Immediately, his body let out a ‘Xiu’ sound, transforming into numerous afterimages as he withdrew, easily dodging the lightning beasts lightning-like attack. However, Xiao Yan appeared to have thought of something after having withdrawn for a short distance. He suddenly stopped his body while his heart cried out ‘this is bad.’

The instant Xiao Yan’s body stopped, the gray-clothed, old man in the Hong clan’s seat suddenly widened his eyes. He immediately stood up in shock. His clothes moved in the absence of the wind as his gaze stared intently at Xiao Yan. Each of his words was spoke with a pause, “Three Thousand Lightning Movement?”

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