Chapter 962: Lightning God Descent

Chapter 962: Lightning God Descent

Hong Chen’s entire body was covered in a layer of lightning web. Silver snakes shot in all directions. Perhaps it was because of the Secret Technique, but his body had also become much stronger. Looking from a distance, he appeared like a silver-colored metal pagoda that was filled with a threatening aura.

His aura soared. After continuing for a moment, it finally came to a slow stop. Hong Chen’s gaze stared intently at Xiao Yan as he let out a cold laugh. His hand was clenched and a dark-black metal hammer appeared. A lightning glow lingered over the metal hammer.

This metal hammer was a treasure of the Wind Lightning Pavilion. It was named the Mighty Lightning Hammer. Its body had been created using lightning stones. If a person who practiced a lightning Qi Method used it, that person’s Dou Qi would experience a strengthening effect. Adding that the lightning stone were naturally heavy, it was filled with strength when one swung it. An ordinary expert would not dare to receive it head-on.

A stern expression flashed through Hong Chen’s eyes as he held the Mighty Lightning Hammer. He randomly swung it a couple of times and it was accompanied by an ear-piercing sonic boom. The sonic boom was transmitted to the ground and a couple...

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