Chapter 961: Fight

Chapter 961: Fight

“The Han clan should have a reason behind their actions. After all, this match concerns the rest of Han Yue’s life…”

Private conversations around the arena suddenly sounded the moment Xiao Yan appeared. Numerous shocked gazes repeatedly swept over his body.

Hong Li’s brows were knitted slightly as he looked at the unfamiliar Xiao Yan from the seats of the Hong clan. With his understanding of the Han clan, the other party would definitely not randomly find someone to die for them in this kind of situation. However, if this was not the case, could this young man really contend with Hong Chen?

There was an old man wearing gray-colored robes beside Hong Li. The old man had his eyes shut, seemingly ignoring the noise of the outside world. His hands were hidden under his sleeves while his body leaned against the backrest of the chair. There was a green-silver-colored badge on his chest. A tower with a faint lightning glow lingering over it was drawn on the badge.

The old man opened his shut eyes upon hearing Hong Li’s words. He glanced at Xiao Yan before using a hoarse voice to faintly speak, “This little fellow is also very strong. I wonder where...

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