Chapter 960: Sky Stone Stage

Chapter 960: Sky Stone Stage

Two tall figures were standing in a small yard outside of the room. A breeze blew past and their long hair fluttered, revealing a moving enchantment amid a cold stunningness, especially since both women’s pretty face were somewhat similar. There was an additional unique style when one looked at them.

Han Xue stretched her lazy waist after standing for a moment and seeing that there was little activity. Her perfect curves appeared extremely alluring under her silver-colored dress. After which, she sat on a stone chair and placed her hands on the stone table. She held her cheeks, revealing a great allure while her eyes roamed around.

Compared to the quiet Han Yue, Han Xue was unable to sit still. After seeing that there was not the slightest activity within the room despite having waited for half a day, she involuntarily asked, “Why is he not out yet? Today is the third day. Father and the others are all preparing to head to the Sky Stone Stage.”

“Why are you so anxious? Relax, given my understanding of him, he is not the type who has a problem being punctual. Since he has agreed to lend a hand, nothing unexpected will happen no matter what.” Han Yue involuntarily...

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