Chapter 96: Promise (Teaser)

Chapter 96: Promise

The economic confrontation between the two families of Wu Tan City finally ended with the Xiao Clan's victory. Whereas the Jia Le Clan, as the defeated party, had their influence rapidly shrink. They would never be able to regain their former glory.

The confrontation between both clans stopped being a hotly contested topic in Wu Tan City after a week or so. People who loved the new and loathed the old, gradually shifted their attention away and started to place it on another important matter and this matter was regarding the enrollment of the Jia Nan Academy.

As one of Dou Qi Continent's most famous institutions of higher learning, Jia Nan Academy was almost a holy place in every teenager's heart. If they were able to graduate from it, their journey henceforth would be smooth sailing. Not only would they be able to pridefully return home, they would also be fervently sought after by all parties.

Jia Nan Academy was located in the vicinity where Jia Ma Empire's borders intersected with two other large empires. In that no­ man’s land, Jia Nan Academy was almost like a small...

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