Chapter 959: The Location Where Yao Lao was Imprisoned

Chapter 959: The Location Where Yao Lao was Imprisoned

After Xiao Yan sent Han Xue out of a clean guest room in the backyard of the Han clan, he shut the door and sighed in relief. Honestly speaking, he really did not wish to get involved with the matter between the Han clan and the Hong clan were it not because of Han Xue and Han Yue. Of course, the reason he spoke was was naturally not referring to Han Xue and Han Yue personally. Although the both of them were excellent women, he was not a person whose mind was ruled by another part of his anatomy. Naturally, he never had those thoughts.

“After observing Hong Chen from a distance today, he does indeed have a great strength. He might be an arrogant person, but it is just as the others have said. This fellow does indeed possess the qualification and capital to be arrogant.” Xiao Yan came to the side of the bed before sitting crossed-legged on it. His face revealed an expression of being in deep thought.

The strength of this Han clan is definitely not like what one saw in the hall earlier. According to Xiao Yan’s expectations there were some experts from the older generation hiding behind the scene. After all, for the Han Yan to be able to fight...

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