Chapter 958: Zhu Gan

Chapter 958: Zhu Gan

The smile on Han Chi’s face became even denser when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. He cupped his hands together and said, “In that case, I will thank little brother Xiao Yan for lending us your support. Please tell us if there is anything that you require the Han clan to do.”

Although it was not impossible to find someone to defeat Hong Chen within the Han clan given its strength, these people were mostly the elders of the clan. However, if they were to act, it was likely that those old fellows from the Hong clan would not just sit idly and watch. This matter was restricted to the younger generation. If one were to seriously talk about it, there was really no one among the younger generation of the Han clan who could defeat Hong Chen. Xiao Yan’s sudden appearance at this time could be considered to have resolved a difficult situation for the Han clan.

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before speaking, “I require some medicinal ingredients. The injuries within my body have yet to completely heal. During these three days, I need to get myself to recover to my peak condition.”

“Oh? Brother Xiao Yan is still injured?” Han Chi and the others were surprised when they heard this. Their opinion of Xiao Yan was once again raised significantly. He was able to easily dodge Han Tian’s attack in his injured condition. It seemed that their hidden evaluation of him was a little low.

“Ke ke, it’s not a problem. This is the chief alchemist of my Han clan, old mister Zhu Gan. He is a tier 5 alchemist. Allow this elder to help take a look at you. It should be of some help to your injuries.” Han Chi’s gaze turned to an indifferent-looking old man beside him. This person had white hair and a beard. He was wearing an alchemist robe with a medicinal cauldron badge on his chest. On the medicinal cauldron were five bright ripples that were extremely glaring.

Xiao Yan had already seen this old man when he had entered the room earlier. However, the other party was clearly a little haughty. He had been keeping his eyes shut since the beginning. Of course, one could not say that this elder was arrogant. Rather, most of the high tier alchemist in the Central Plains acted in this manner. Moreover, the status of an alchemist also gave them sufficient qualification to do so…

If one were to really talk about the strength of this Zhu Gan, he had at the very most just reached the Dou Huang class. Such a strength was nothing to the Han clan. However, his tier 5 alchemist status caused him to possess an extremely high position in the Han clan. From this, one could tell just how hot the demand of an alchemist in the Central Plains was.

Despite vaguely being aware of just where the superiority of this old man originated from, Xiao Yan would naturally not take the initiative to form some relationship given his character. This was just a tier 5 alchemist… the Han clan might regard him as a treasure, but in Xiao Yan’s eyes, this person was unimportant and ordinary.

At this moment, this so-called old mister Zhu Gan finally opened his eyes slowly upon hearing Han Chi’s words. His eyes glanced at Xiao Yan before immediately speaking in an indifferent manner, “Come over and allow the old me to have a look.”

A strange expression involuntarily flashed over Xiao Yan’s face when he heard this. With his current alchemy level, he was definitely at the middle to upper levels of a tier 6 alchemist if one were to evaluate his skills. The old man opposite him was at the very most a tier 5 alchemist, yet this old man actually dared to say such words to him.

The gap between each tier among alchemists was just like that between medicinal pills. They were heaven and earth apart. Unless it was because of some special reason like the ‘Heavenly Flame’ or some extremely outstanding Spiritual Strength, it was extremely difficult for one to leap across a tier and successfully refine a medicinal pill. The reason Xiao Yan was able to do this was entirely because he had fulfilled both criterias…

Xiao Yan smiled as he thought of this in his heart. He slowly walked forward and handed his hand to Zhu Gan.

Zun Gan did not even stand up. He simply just sat on the chair and glanced at Xiao Yan. His shriveled hand was placed on Xiao Yan’s hand and a Spiritual Strength was immediately transmitted into Xiao Yan’s body.


Zhu Gan’s Spiritual Strength had just entered Xiao Yan’s body when his Spiritual Perception suddenly changed. An invisible beast head formed from a flame appeared within Xiao Yan’s body. After which, it violently roared at the Spiritual Strength belonging to Zhu Gan!

A shocking Spiritual Strength erupted like a volcano when the roar sounded. Under that powerful Spiritual Strength, the Spiritual Strength belonging to Zhu Gan appeared just like a wild beast that had met a tiger, the king of the mountain. A whimper sounded as it carried a horror. It followed its original path and fled for its life.

Within the large hall, Zhu Gan, who had his eyes tightly shut, suddenly revealed shock on his face. He threw aside Xiao Yan’s hand as though he had been electrocuted. The chair under his body was shattered and his body also ended up hurriedly withdrawing by a couple of steps. He looked at Xiao Yan as though he had seen a ghost and spoke with a quivering voice, “You… you…”

Zun Gan was naturally able to sense the beast that had appeared in Xiao Yan’s body earlier. It was formed from an extremely frightening flame. The thing that frightened Zun Gan the most, however, was that the interior of the flame hid a frightening Spiritual Strength that was ten to a hundred times stronger than his!

Compared with this Spiritual Strength, he was just like something floating under a large tree. All he could do was look up to it without having the slightest ability to fight it.

Zhu Gan was certain that the enormous Spiritual Strength was something that even some tier 6 alchemists did not possess. However, this young man in front of him who seemed to be around twenty years old… was it possible… was it possible that he was also an alchemist? Moreover, this young man’s tier… was definitely higher than his!

“Old mister Zhu Gan, what is it?” The sudden frightened act of Zhu Gan also caused Han Chi’s group by the side to be startled. They hurriedly inquired.

“Ke ke, the interior of my body is a little strange. Old mister Zhu Gan has been shocked a little. It’s fine.” Xiao Yan smiled. After which, he took a piece of white paper from the table beside him in passing and wrote some medicinal ingredients he required on it. After which, he flicked his finger and the white paper flew to Zhu Gan. He said, “Please help me gather all of these medicinal ingredients that I require. Being a tier 5 alchemist, you should be aware of whether the medicinal strength of some medicinal ingredients is preserved well. Get someone to pass them to me once you are done.”

The words of Xiao Yan were not very polite. They were full of a commanding tone. This caused Han Chi and the others to bitterly smile. This Zhu Gan was not someone from the Han clan. Moreover, the Han clan had spent quite a great effort to invite him to be their chief alchemist. There are few members within the clan who are able to get him to do anything. He was a living buddha who did not listen to anyone. This was even more so in the face of Xiao Yan’s impolite tone.

However, while Han Chi was prepared to say something to mediate the situation, Zhu Gan hurriedly received the white paper. After reading the ten plus medicinal ingredients written on it, the shock in his eyes grew even denser. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that these medicinal ingredients would only be used when refining some high tier medicinal pills.

“You… mister, please rest assured that I will choose the medicinal ingredients which have had their medicinal strength best preserved.” Zhu Gan carefully took the white paper, hurriedly cupped his hands together, and reassured him. At this moment, he was certain that this young man in front of him was definitely an alchemist. Moreover, the tier of this young man was absolutely higher than his.

After verifying this, a storm involuntarily surged within Zhu Gan’s heart. Most alchemists had a teacher-disciple relationship when passing on the knowledge of alchemy. By being able to groom such a young high tier alchemist, it was likely that Xiao Yan’s teacher was not some unknown person. He might well be some grandmaster existence within the Central Plains region…

Upon seeing this courteous manner of Zhu Gan, Han Chi and the others, who had wanted to help put in some good words for Xiao Yan earlier, immediately revealed a dull expression. Why had this usually haughty old fellow have a change of character today?

Han Yue and Han Xue laughed when they saw the dull expressions of everyone. The both of them were vaguely aware that Xiao Yan also possessed the status of an alchemist. It was likely that something which they were unaware of had occurred when Xiao Yan and Zhu Gan made contact earlier. It was due to that interaction that caused the usually haughty Zhu Gan to become like this.

While the two girls laughed, their hearts actually also felt some shock. Xiao Yan was able to completely dispel Zhu Gan’s haughtiness. Clearly, Xiao Yan had revealed something that Zhu Gan had not expected. Moreover, if one wished to get a tier 5 alchemist to become this respectful, one would at the very least have to be a higher alchemist tier than the other party. In other words… Xiao Yan was likely a tier 5 or even a tier 6 alchemist!

The soft laughter of the two ladies also woke Han Chi and the others from their dull state. They exchanged looks with one another before glancing at Xiao Yan with a deeper meaning in their eyes. This young man seemed to possess an unfathomable aura.

“Xue-er, bring brother Xiao Yan along and find a room for him to rest. The matter of the medicinal ingredients should be able to be completed today. At that time, I will get someone to deliver them to Xiao Yan’s room.” Han Chi smiled as he handled the situation.

Han Xue nodded slightly. She turned her head and smiled sweetly to Xiao Yan before speaking in a quiet voice, “Big brother Xiao Yan, please follow me.” Without realizing it, the manner she used to address Xiao Yan had become a lot more familiar.

Xiao Yan did not reveal much of a reaction upon hearing this. He cupped his hands to Han Chi and the others before turning around and following Han Xue.

Han Chi’s expression gradually became solemn as he watched the two backs which gradually disappeared from his sight. His eyes turned to Zhu Gan and asked, “Mister Zhu Gan, earlier…?”

Zhu Gan exhaled a breath. His gaze turned to Han Yue as he asked somewhat cautiously, “This mister Xiao Yan should also be an alchemist, right?”

Han Yue did not hide anything with regards to this. Her delicate hand pulled aside a thread of silver hair in front of her forehead before she covered her mouth and softly laughed, “Old Zhu, when I was still training in the Inner Academy, Xiao Yan was already able to refine a tier 5 medicinal pill…”

The entire hall emitted the sound of people inhaling cold air when these words sounded. The hands of Zhu Gan, who had already expected this, trembled while fondling his beard. He ended up pulling out a hair.

“Looks like Xue-er has really performed a great service this time around. She has really invited a great god…” Han Chi muttered. He immediately spoke in a deep voice, “Everyone listen up. Provide Xiao Yan with the best treatment. Do not slight him even a little. Any clan member who dares to offend him will be punished according to the clan rules!”

All the clan members hurriedly acknowledged the request when they heard Han Chi’s stern cry.

A Dou Huang class young man might not be sufficient for the Han clan to act in this manner. However, if the status of an alchemist that surpassed Zhu Gan was added on top of it, even the Han clan must be friendly to him in every possible way!

The status of an alchemist was even more prominent in the Central Plains compared to any other region!

This was because the number of experts in this place was greater than other places. Hence, it required an even greater amount of medicinal pills than other places!

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