Chapter 957: Nine Turning Wind Steps

Chapter 957: Nine Turning Wind Steps

Upon hearing these words of Xiao Yan, even Han Xue and Han Yue in the hall also became stunned. He would withdraw if his body was touched within ten exchanges? Although they were really confident in Xiao Yan, Han Tian was ultimately a genuine eight star Dou Huang regardless of how one put it. Even if Xiao Yan’s actual strength was similar to his, saying these words was really a little arrogant…

“Ke ke, looks like little brother Xiao Yan really has great confidence in himself.” Han Chi laughed. He was the first to recover after being stunned for a moment. Most of the people who could enter the Inner Academy were extremely talented individuals. Since Xiao Yan in front of him dared to open his mouth to say such words, he either purposefully used this to escape from the matter or he was really confident in his own strength. He really hoped that it was the latter in such a situation.

“Xiao Yan… you… can you do it? Second uncle practices wind affinity Qi Methods. Agility is something that he specializes in. If you do this…” Han Yue hesitated for a moment before turning her...

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