Chapter 953: Intervene

Chapter 953: Intervene

The sudden unexpected turn of events caused the situation to immediately change a little. The eyes of the Hong Mu and Hong Lie cautiously swept around them. They immediately spoke in a deep voice, “Friend, this is a matter between the Hong clan and the Han clan. Please give our Hong clan this face!”

Han Chong’s group was also hurriedly looking in all directions while Hong Lie’s group’s gazes were sweeping all around. At this moment, they had sensed that something was not quite right. If they met with a helper the first time something happened, they could attribute it to their good lucky. However, they were actually able to meet with a helper at a critical juncture the second time. This… was a little illogical.

Han Xue acted differently from the surprise of Han Chong’s group. Her pretty eyes stared at that carriage. Being female, she was exceptionally meticulous over some small matters. She was certain that the voice from earlier was quite similar to Xiao Yan’s voice.


While the people from both parties were muttering in their hearts, a soft creaking sound slowly sounded. Everyone’s gazes randomly looked over, only to see a linen-clothed, young...

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