Chapter 952: Hong Clan

Chapter 952: Hong Clan

It was just as Han Chong had said. The journey after the Ten Thousand Snake Gorge was extremely smooth. During the remaining couple of days, they did met with some small trouble, but it did not cause the convoy’s speed to be reduced. Tian Bei City was also coming closer during these couple of days of traveling.

After some recuperation during these couple of days, Xiao Yan’s strength had recovered by about seventy to eighty percent. The injuries that he had suffered within his body had also swiftly recovered under the double effect of Dou Qi and medicinal pills. Looking at this progress, it was likely that he would recover faster than he had expected.

Of course, despite the gradual recovery of his strength, Xiao Yan did not reveal any of it. He liked these forthright men of the convoy, and he did not wish to cause them to feel respectful toward him because of the revelation of his strength. He didn’t want them to end up becoming distant from him after adding a little something else onto the friendship they had made during these few days.

With Xiao Yan’s current strength, it was likely that even Han Xue within the convoy would have difficulty discovering it if he chose to hide his aura. Moreover, due to the little Spatial Strength within his body, even some experts at the peak of the...

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