Chapter 951: Spatial Strength

Chapter 951: Spatial Strength

After leaving the Ten Thousand Snake Gorge, the entire convoy had descended into a joyful atmosphere of having survived a calamity. The solemn atmosphere from earlier completely vanished. Everyone was busy talking about the scene that had occurred earlier. The frightening strength that the mysterious expert had displayed was shocking to them.

“Ha ha, The fleeing manner of that bastard snake Xia Mang earlier was just like a foolish snake that had been beaten unconscious. It was really enjoyable. Although we were nearly finished off, being able to see that demon snake Xia Mang, with his fierce reputation, being turned into such a miserable manner made it worthwhile.”

“This is because of the great strength of that elder. From what Xia Mang said, that elder should be an alchemist. According to my guess, he should at least be a tier 6 alchemist. Otherwise, it is extremely difficult for him to rely on his Spiritual Strength to frighten off Xia Mang.”

“Tsk tsk, a tier 6 alchemist. I recall that the chief alchemist in our Han clan is only a tier 5 alchemist, no? Even though that is the case, the clan head is still very courteous...

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