Chapter 949: Ten Thousand Snake Gorge

Chapter 949: Ten Thousand Snake Gorge

The sandy wind blew over the desolate desert as a howling sound lingered in the sky. The wind carried a wave of sand as it flew into the distance.

Some black spots gradually appeared at the end of the road. A moment later, the black dots approached. It was actually a convoy. There was nearly a hundred guards with stern faces guarding the convoy. Numerous cautious gazes swept around them. Their hands were also tightly holding the weapons on their backs.

The location of this part of the desert was already approaching the external part of the northern Central Plains region. Hence, one would occasionally see one or two figures. However, they were extremely sparse and they disappeared within the blink of an eye. The entire road rang only with the sound of horse hooves and the eagle cries that were transmitted from the sky.

Xiao Yan was leaning on the window within a bumpy carriage. His gaze looked over the stern looking guards from the Han clan. The atmosphere today was different from the usual relaxed feeling. Even Gui Tou and the few others who were basically joking around everyday had also shut their mouths. Their hands, which were holding onto their weapons, tightened and relaxed repeatedly, revealing the anxiety in their hearts.

“Looks like the whatever demon snake Xia Mang has quite a fierce reputation here. He is actually able to cause these people to be so anxious…” Xiao Yan softly muttered after absorbing the expressions of those around into his eyes.

Xiao Yan mused for a moment before shaking his head. After which, he sat cross-legged in the carriage, shut his eye, and recuperated…

The bumpiness within the carriage continued for around two hours or so before it suddenly came to a stop. At this moment, Xiao Yan, within the carriage, had suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze passed through the gap of the window and was coincidentally able to see a steep mountain peak not far away. In the middle of the mountain peak was a crack that appeared to have been cleaved apart. The crack was around a couple of dozen feet in size, appearing like a gorge.

When the carriage came to a stop, Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception acutely sensed that everyone’s heart beats had become a little faster. It seemed that this should be the so-called ‘Ten Thousand Snake Gorge’...

“Everyone, be careful, we are entering the area of the Ten Thousand Gorge. Gui Tou, lead some people to scatter some snake repellent powder along the way. The snakes in it are the eyes of Xia Mang. As long as they are not disturbed, we should be able to smoothly pass through. Additionally, even if we we are discovered, do not attack without orders. Those who disobey will be punished according to the clan rules!” Han Chong’s stern cry suddenly sounded from outside the carriage while Xiao Yan was deep in thought.

“Yes sir!”

A response followed after Han Chong’s cry sounded.

“Let’s go!”

Han Chong’s expression was solemn as he nodded. He immediately waved his hand and commanded with a deep voice.

The convoy began to move once again upon Han Chong’s orders. After which, it slowly advanced toward the steep mountain range…

“Brother Xiao Yan, if anything is to happen later, I would like to request something of you. Try your best to bring xiao-jie away.” A low voice suddenly sounded from outside while Xiao Yan was leaning against the carriage window. He was involuntarily startled. With a turn of his head, he saw that the person was Han Chong.

“Nothing should happen. That Xia Mang merely wants a toll fee. Won’t everything be settled if you were to give him the fee at that time?” Xiao Yan asked.

“If xiao-jie is not around, it is likely that we can settle it by just paying some money. However… ugh, that bastard snake is not only greedy, but it is also like a beast in rut when it meets a beautiful woman. Hence, if any accident happens at that time… there is still quite a great distance to Tian Bei City from here. Even the Han clan would have difficulty posing much of a threat to it.” Han Chong looked at the front carriage which was emitting a serene fragrance, sighed, and bitterly laughed.

Xiao Yan only came to a sudden understanding upon hearing this. They were actually worried about her. No wonder the group appeared as though they were about to meet a great enemy.

“Big brother Han, you can rest assured that nothing will happen to everyone.” Xiao Yan smiled as he replied.

Han Chong merely treated Xiao Yan’s words as a form of consolation. He let out a bitter laugh as he mocked himself. He clearly understood that Xiao Yan was currently a seriously injured person, yet he still inexplicably came and told him this. If anything were to happen at that time, it was likely that Xiao Yan would not even have the ability to protect himself. How would he help the young miss?

Han Chong sighed. When he saw the carriages gradually enter the gorge, he could only helplessly shake his head. After which, he rode his horse and swiftly galloped forward before beginning to closely examine the sides for any activity.

At this moment, the convoy was still entering the Ten Thousand Snake Gorge. Due to them being afraid to disturb anything, their carriages were all covered by clothes. The mouths of the black-horned bull pulling the truck was also blocked. The group was sneaking into the gorge in this stealthy manner…

All the guards of the Han clan on both sides of the carriage had already drawn their weapons. Their other hand were holding a white-colored powder they repeatedly scattered on both sides of the road.

The convoy did not meet with anything amid this anxious atmosphere. Around ten plus minutes later, they passed through the middle part of the gorge. From hede, they could vaguely see the exit of the gorge in the distance. Almost everyone quietly sighed in relief in their hearts when they saw this.

While everyone had relaxed, Xiao Yan within the carriage slowly opened his eyes. He immediately sighed softly. They were indeed unable to hide from trouble.

The sigh had just sounded when the entire gorge instantly shook. Immediately, the trees on both sides of the gorge swiftly collapsed, revealing some enormous snakes.

“Dammit, we have been discovered. Increase our speed. Go!”

Han Chong cried out furiously. His expression became much uglier when he saw this scene.

At this moment, there was no need for him to cry out. The experienced Han clan’s guards had already went all out to urge the black-horned bull forward. After which, the convoy rumbled and sped up, trying its best to charge out of the gorge.


When the convoy was still around less than a hundred meters from the gorge’s exit, numerous enormous figures suddenly rushed over from both sides of the gorge. Finally, they sealed off the entire road. Their savage, enormous mouths were emitting snake tongues that contained a stench with a ‘chi chi’ sound. Dark, cold snake eyes locked onto everyone in the convoy.


Han Chong’s heart immediately sunk upon seeing the countless number of enormous snakes blocking their paths. Although these enormous snakes were only rank 3 Magical Beasts, their bodies were extremely large. With just a couple of dozens of them, they were able to block the entire road until there was not the slightest gap left.

Waves of rustling sounds were transmitted from the surrounding bushes after the road was blocked. Immediately, countless large and small, various colored poison snakes came out in a densely packed manner. Finally, they surrounded the entire convoy.

“Tsk tsk, a group of fools is actually thinking of slipping past this great old Xia?”

A strange laugh suddenly sounded from the sky after the encircling took shape. Immediately, a black-green figure swiftly flew down from the top of the gorge. Within a breath’s time, he appeared in the sky above the convoy.

The figure that had just appeared in the sky above the convoy was quite strange. His human body and limbs were covered with densely packed black-green scales. The spot where his head was supposed to be located had a savage looking snake head. Its tiny eyes contained a dark coldness and ruthlessness as they stared at the people below.

Additionally, on the back of this half-human half-snake demon was a pair of black-green Dou Qi wings, that carried a strong wild that swept through the gorge as they flapped.

The expression of Han Chong’s group immediately turned pale-white when they saw the black-green figure that had appeared. Their voices trembled a little.

“Demon snake… Xia Mang…”

Xia Mang looked down at the convoy from above. He suddenly laughed as he casually said, “All of you should know the rules of this grandpa, no?”

Han Chong’s face trembled a little. He immediately walked out of the convoy, took out a crystal card and respectfully said, “Of course we know about it. Commander Xia Mang, we are the convoy from the Han clan in Tian Bei City. This is a small gift that I hope commander sir will accept.”

Xia Mang extended his hand. A suction force unceremoniously pulled the crystal card in Han Chong’s hand. He glanced at it before parting his mouth and laughing, “Not bad. Looks like all of you still have some sincerity.”

Han Chong’s face rejoiced slightly upon hearing this. He carefully said, “In that case, can commander sir allow our convoy to past?”

“This is only natural…” Xia Mang smiled strangely. His snake tongue licked the corner of his mouth before his finger suddenly pointed at the carriage where Han Xue was located. He smiled lewdly and said, “However, leave her behind first!”

The expressions of everyone in the convoy suddenly changed. Quite a number of people quietly tightened their grip on their weapons. Han Chong also gently inhaled a breath and respectfully questioned, “What does commander sir mean?”

“Hee hee, little girl, there is no need to hide. This grandpa has already sniffed the kind of fragrance on a woman’s body from a great distance away. Moreover, this grandpa also knows that this time around I have met an exquisite one… hence, you should come out.” Xia Mang ignored Han Chong and laughed strangely at the carriage his gaze had locked onto.


Xia Mang’s voice had just sounded when the roof of the carriage burst apart. A human figure flashed up before standing on the roof of the carriage. An ice-cold gaze glared at Xia Mang in the sky.

A red glow immediately erupted in Xia Mang’s eyes when he saw Han Xue’s face. He immediately laughed to the sky, “It is really as this grandpa had expected. The reward this time around is really rich. It has been a long time since I have met such exquisite stuff…”

Han Xue’s face was ice-cold. A killing intent flashed through her pretty eyes. She clenched her delicate hand and a longsword appeared. She flapped the Dou Qi wings on her back as she suddenly shot toward Xia Mang.

“Hee hee, little girl, how can this Dou Wang strength of yours escape from the palms of this grandpa?” Xia Mang laughed out loud when he saw Han Xue charge over. He widened his mouth and a jade-green Dou Qi pillar shot out. Finally, it smashed into her longsword in a lightning-like manner. The longsword was shattered and Han Xue’s figure was also forced back. A paleness surfaced on her sleek red face. The gap between a Dou Wang and a Dou Huang was too great.

“Commander Xia, we are people from the Han clan in Tian Bei City. If you attack us, the head of the Han clan and the Elders will definitely not let you off!” Han Chong immediately cried out furiously when he saw Han Xue suffer a setback.

“Tsk tsk, Han clan huh? Although there’s the presence of those old fellows, but what can they do to me? I can always flee if I can’t defeat them. Moreover, as long as I leave all of you here, who would know that I attacked the people from the Han clan?” Xia Mang laughed in a strange manner. After which, his mouth emitted an unusual hissing sound. When this hissing sound was emitted, cold glows flashed in the eyes of the countless number of poisonous snakes on both sides of the gorge. Immediately, they shot toward the convoy like arrows. The extremely packed scene looked as though it was raining poisonous snakes, appearing extremely terrifying.

The faces of almost everyone revealed despair when they were faced with such a frightening number of poisonous snake attacks. They held their weapons tightly and prepared to fight to their deaths.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The poisonous snakes from all directions seemed to be attempting to cover the sky. However, when they were less than ten feet from the convoy, their bodies suddenly stiffened. Immediately, they emitted a crackling sound as they transformed into clusters of fireballs. Within a short instant, they turned into a pile of ashes that scattered from the sky.

Looking at this sudden unexpected change, everyone present, including Han Chong’s group, Han Xue, and Xia Mang were all stunned.

“This… this is?”

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