Chapter 949: Ten Thousand Snake Gorge

Chapter 949: Ten Thousand Snake Gorge

The sandy wind blew over the desolate desert as a howling sound lingered in the sky. The wind carried a wave of sand as it flew into the distance.

Some black spots gradually appeared at the end of the road. A moment later, the black dots approached. It was actually a convoy. There was nearly a hundred guards with stern faces guarding the convoy. Numerous cautious gazes swept around them. Their hands were also tightly holding the weapons on their backs.

The location of this part of the desert was already approaching the external part of the northern Central Plains region. Hence, one would occasionally see one or two figures. However, they were extremely sparse and they disappeared within the blink of an eye. The entire road rang only with the sound of horse hooves and the eagle cries that were transmitted from the sky.

Xiao Yan was leaning on the window within a bumpy carriage. His gaze looked over the stern looking guards from the Han clan. The atmosphere today was different from the usual relaxed feeling. Even Gui Tou and the few others who were basically joking around everyday had also shut their mouths. Their hands, which were holding onto their weapons, tightened and relaxed repeatedly, revealing the anxiety in their hearts.


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