Chapter 948: Demon Snake Xia Mang

Chapter 948: Demon Snake Xia Mang

Night gradually covered the entire desert. The moon hung like a silver plate high up in the distant sky, scattering its faint cool moonlight over the land…

There were few people within the desolate desert. However, there was surprisingly some fire and hearty human voices appearing on a hill. The sound spread and significantly reduced the quiet coldness around.

Quite a number of large piles of fire were emitting sparks that flew toward the sky from within the camp on the hilltop. The light from the flames lit the entire camp ground until it was quite bright. Many people were surrounding the piles of fire. Their hands held some wine jars as they laughed out loud. After which, the bottles collided together, emitting a ‘ping’ sound amid some laughter.

Xiao Yan sat beside a pile of fire. He smiled as he watched these large men around him, who had drunk until they had flushed faces. This kind of atmosphere was something that he had seldom endured.

“Brother Xiao Yan, here. Drink a little to warm your body. The desert is cold.” A laugh suddenly sounded while Xiao Yan was fiddling with the...

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