Chapter 944: Space Storm

Chapter 944: Space Storm

The sight of Xiao Yan’s group suddenly turned black the instant they stepped into the Wormhole. Their bodies abruptly felt like they had lost their weight. However, this feeling swiftly disappeared an instant later. Immediately, a strange space tunnel appeared within their sight.

The thing that appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s group was a space tunnel, that one could not see the end of. On the two sides of the tunnel was a faint silver-colored space barrier. There were over ten tunnels that were ten feet in size within the space walls. The ends of the tunnels were a deep blackness. The upper and lower parts of the tunnels were a similar darkness that caused one to feel some fear. A dense spatial ripple faintly seeped out from them. The entire tunnel was dead quiet without even the slightest sound.

Xiao Yan involuntarily felt absent-minded upon seeing this kind of space tunnel for the first time despite his usual calmness. His gaze slowly looked over the barrier formed by spatial strength on both sides of the tunnel. Outside of it was a never ending darkness. No one knew just what kind of scene was present there.

“Big brother Xiao Yan, take out the Space Boat that the ancestor of the Luo clan has given you. That thing’s flying speed in this place is quite fast. With it, we will only need twenty days or so before we can arrive in the Central Plains.” Xin Lan suddenly spoke and broke this dead silence.

Xiao Yan also recovered after hearing this. He shook his hand and the Space Boat appeared in it. This thing had just appeared when it moved like a fish that had just entered the water and expanded with the wind. Within a couple of blinks, it had transformed into a ten-foot -large boat in front of Xiao Yan’s stunned eyes. The surface of the boat had threads of a faint-silver-colored spatial strength flowing over it, causing it to appear extremely mysterious.

“Tsk tsk. This thing actually possesses such a use… no wonder it is so expensive to build.” Xiao Yan’s mouth immediately emitted a clicking exclamation as he looked at this change. His body leaped and he took the lead to step onto this boat. The curious Zi Yan and two others swiftly followed behind him.

“There is an input point at the helm of the boat. As long as some Dou Qi is poured into it, it will enable this space boat to fly within this space tunnel. This space boat is really a good thing. There are factions and shops in the Central Plains that specialize in selling such things. There, the Space Boats are differentiated by grades. Grade nine is the highest while grade one is the lowest. From the looks of this Space Boat, it seems that it should be around grade four or so.” Xin Lan smiled lovingly as she explained

Xiao Yan glanced at the front of the boat with surprise. He nodded before looking at the space barrier on both sides. He asked, “This thing won’t end up getting out will it?”

“No, it won’t happen. The Space Boat can only be used within the space tunnel. It is completely useless outside. Moreover, as long as one maintains a straight flying route, nothing will usually happen… Of course, nothing is for certain. Danger exists no matter where one travels. Moreover, this place also hides many dangers when one travels her… however, there is an extremely low chance of one meeting with it. I have never met such a thing during the many times that I have used Wormholes.” Xin Lan explained.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief in his heart when he heard this. He sat crossed-legged at the front of the boat. He turned his head to Zi Yan and the rest, “In that case, everyone should sit tight. Now… the journey begins!”

Xiao Yan waved his hand as his words sounded. A powerful Dou Qi surged out before entering the input point. Immediately, the entire boat shook. Finally, a pushing force shot out from the tail of the ship. With a ‘xiu’ sound, the space boat transformed into a silver light that cut through space in a lightning-like manner as it shot explosively into the empty darkness…

The speed of the space boat was extremely frightening within the space tunnel. It was not overboard to describe it as something that chased the stars and moon. Xiao Yan’s group could only see the two silver-colored space walls moving flying back with a ‘xiu xiu’ sound as they sat within the boat. This kind of speed caused one’s eyes to be dazzled.

A silver glow quietly flashed within the quiet space tunnel. An instant later, it disappeared into the end of the darkness. That appearance was as though it was a lonely traveller in space…

The so-called Wormhole was a connection between two locations that allowed the distance between them to become extremely short. According to what Xin Lan had said, they should be able to reach the Central Plains after twenty days or so with their speed. If they were to travel in the real world, it was likely that they would have required at least half a year in order to reach the Central Plains from Horizon City.

After the initial freshness, the journey had once again become dull. Zi Yan could no longer endure boredom after snatching the boat to play for a couple of hours. She returned it back to Xiao Yan, entered the cabin, and slept.

Xiao Yan did not dare to randomly enter his training condition while journeying in this kind of space tunnel, filled with unknown danger. In any case, his current strength was more than sufficient to maintain the support of the space boat. Hence, he did not train even once during the remaining traveling period. He would slowly recover the exhausted Dou Qi by occasionally consuming a medicinal pill.

Although the speed within the space tunnel was far faster than the outside world, the dullness was also even greater. The uniform blackness would cause someone mentally weak to feel some irritation within their heart after seeing it for a long time. It was fortunate that Xiao Yan was not the only person present in this place. Otherwise, that dullness would likely have caused even him to feel a little depressed.

Time quietly disappeared during this kind of dullness…

A silver glow flashed past within this faint silver-colored space tunnel. On it, a black-robed, young man mechanically raised his hand and a wave of Dou Qi surged out.

“Let me take over.” A gentle voice suddenly sounded behind Xiao Yan. He was startled. He turned his head and saw that the Little Fairy Doctor had appeared behind him. He smiled and said, “How many days has it been since we entered the space tunnel?”

“Sixteen days. We should be able to reach our destination after a couple more days.” The Little Fairy Doctor smiled as she answered him. After which, she slowly walked up to Xiao Yan and sat cross-legged behind him. A wave of Dou Qi pillar whizzed out and immediately lingered over the energy input.

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw this. He withdrew his hand into his sleeve as a tiredness flashed across his eyes. Although this period of traveling did not exhaust too much of his Dou Qi, he was extremely tired mentally.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath and slowly lay his body down. His hand cupped the back of his head as his eyes watched the endless blackness. A moment later, he slightly turned his head, looked at the graceful curves under the white dress beside him and smiled. He said, “Currently, we have gathered all the things needed to control the Woeful Poison Body. However, due to that rank 6 Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast, it is likely that it will be unable to attain a perfect effect. I am also not very certain if there will be any sequelae. Hence, I suggest that we still try our best to follow the requirements of the Poison Pill for safety’s sake and obtain that rank 7 Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast. We will deal with the Woeful Poison Body after that. Unless it is a critical moment, it is best not to use that rank 6 Monster Core.”

“Yes, it is up to you to decide on this matter…” The Little Fairy Doctor nodded her snow-white chin and gently responded. Although her strength was much higher than Xiao Yan’s, it seemed that the one who was making the decisions over these matters was always Xiao Yan. She did not reject such a feeling.

“Hmm, as a friend, I am really extremely dutiful…” Xiao Yan raised his head to the sky and sighed. His voice contained a teasing tone.

The Little Fairy Doctor suddenly smiled when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. She immediately rotated her eyes, glanced at Xiao Yan and softly said, “Is it… just friends huh…”


Xiao Yan was stunned by the Little Fairy Doctor’s words. His exchanged looks with her. After which, his eyes involuntarily drifted away. In an instant, the atmosphere at the front of the boat had become a little strange.


This kind of strange atmosphere did not last long before it was broken by the sudden intense shaking of the boat. Xiao Yan and the Little Fairy Doctor were startled. They hurriedly raised their heads. With solemn faces, they discovered that the two sides of the space tunnel not far in front, where the walls of the tunnel formed from spatial strength were, had become much weaker. At a glance one could even see the nothing blackness outside of the tunnel.

“What has happened.”

A startled exclamation sounded from within the cabin. Zi Yan and Xin Lan hurriedly ran out. With a sweep of their gaze, they noticed the much weaker space walls.

“The space walls here have yet to be completely repaired. An external force has broken the equilibrium within the tunnel. Be careful. An external strength has broken the equilibrium of the Wormhole…” Xin Lan spoke in a deep voice.

“Nothing will happen, will it?” Xiao Yan frowned and asked.

“This… it’s uncertain. If the space walls become illusory, it is extremely easy for a space storm to occur. Should we be pulled into the nothingness space by the storm, it is extremely difficult for us to escape alive unless we are elite Dou Zuns…” Xin Lan hesitated a little before speaking with a bitter smile, “Now we can only hope that we will not meet that damn thing. According to our speed we should reach the Central Plains soon.”

Xiao Yan knit his brows even more tightly when he heard this. He turned his head to the Little Fairy Doctor, “Slow the speed a little. Be careful of the suction force that is transmitted from outside the space walls.”

The Little Fairy Doctor’s expression also became serious. A majestic Dou Qi surged out of her body. It immediately wrapped around the boat. After which, the boat swiftly rushed through the space tunnel.

Xiao Yan’s group spent the next two days in an extremely nervous manner. This was because the space walls had become more and more illusionary. Dark-black empty space had even appeared in some spots. The suction force that was transmitted from the holes would likely have sucked them in had the Little Fairy Doctor not used her Dou Qi to stabilize the boat. Despite this, the journey was still extremely soul-stirring.

Fortunately, despite things being trilling, the so-called Space Storm did not appear. Xiao Yan’s group slowly sighed in relief because of this. However, on the last day, when they thought that things would continue to be smooth…A clear cracking sound and an unusual whistling wind suddenly sounded, causing their expressions to become unusually ugly…

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