Chapter 943: Repair

Chapter 943: Repair

Xiao Yan felt quite surprised that this Luo clan was really able to take out a Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast Monster Core as recompense. Although the rank of this Monster Core was one rank lower than the one that he required, it was after all a similar object no matter how one put it. The final effect might be a little poorer since it was a rank lower, but at the very least, if they were unable to find a rank 7 Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast, this thing would be the final life saving grass.

At the very least, with a rank 6 Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast Monster Core as a spare, they would not end up in a dead end if they really ended up reaching that stage.

Xiao Yan’s gaze exchanged looks with the Little Fairy Doctor. He nodded slightly and said, “Although it has not reached our requirements, we can accept a rank 6 one.”

Luo Cheng sighed in relief when he heard this. The Sky Poison Dragon Scorpion Beast was extremely rare and its Monster Core was even harder to find. He really did not know just who sold this rank 6 Monster Core to the Luo clan, but it eventually ended up in their collection. Their Luo clan had already gotten a cheap deal by being able to use a rank 6 Monster Core to get an expert, with similar strength to the ancestor, to lend a hand.

“Ha ha, everyone, please follow me. With the help of this young lady, I think that it is possible to repair the Wormhole by today.” Luo Cheng smiled as he spoke. He immediately cupped his hands together,...

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