Chapter 942: Rank 6

Chapter 942: Rank 6

The numerous gazes on the street were immediately turned up when they heard the rumbling somber voice that was transmitted from the blue sky. Exclamations quickly sounded on the street.

“It is actually the ancestor of the Luo clan?”

“He has actually personally come? It looks like this old fellow really dotes on Luo Xiao Yao.”

“Looks like there will be a nice show today…”

While everyone was noisy, the gray and white old men became startled when they saw the person who had arrived. They hurriedly and respectfully said, “Welcome ancestor.”

The hearts of the two laughed bitterly while they spoke with their mouths. They never expected the eldest young lady to break her Heart Blood Jade Pendant. That thing was something the ancestor had personally made for her. She was told not to use it unless it was a critical moment. It was unexpected that she actually took this thing out over such a small matter. No wonder the ancestor had come so quickly. It was likely that he thought that this young lady had met with a life-threatening situation.

A blue-robed old man stood in the empty sky. His face was somewhat broad, giving him a mighty appearance...

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