Chapter 941: Red Clothed Young Lady

Chapter 941: Red Clothed Young Lady

When the first rays of sunlight penetrated the window and transformed into light spots that shot onto the ground, Xiao Yan, who had his eyes shut, finally slowly opened them. He softly muttered, “Looks like there is a need to head to the city center to take a look. After all this place is the only Wormhole within a thousand kilometer radius of Horizon City…”

Xiao Yan sighed softly and rolled off the bed. He bathed a little before heading out to gather the Little Fairy Doctor and the other two. The group walked out of the inn and rushed to the city center.

Xiao Yan’s four men group was slowly walking down the main road, that had an unending amount of traffic. Perhaps it was because it was still morning, but the air contained moisture that existed in the mountain forest, giving them a refreshing feeling.

The two sides of the street, paved with bluestones, would occasionally transmit various cries. A dazzling array of merchandise had placed in the shops on both sides. The huge human flow was just like ants that were penetrating through them. Horizon City was emitting an exceptionally busy, constricted feeling.


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