Chapter 938: Departure

Chapter 938: Departure

Xiao Yan sat on a rock chair within a quiet yard. A tea table sat beside him, created from rock, and two plates of snacks had been placed on it. A pot of green tea was emitting a faint cloud that scattered a slight fragrance. Xiao Yan quietly sat on the rock chair. He occasionally tasted a mouthful of green tea, and suddenly felt a little sentimental. After all, he was about to leave this place. Moreover, the future was filled with uncertainty. Regardless of how strong a person was, their heart would feel a melancholy in the face of a future they were not certain of.

Xiao Yan looked at the somewhat yellowish tree leaves in the yard and involuntarily let out a soft sigh. He turned his head and looked at a figure standing at the entrance of the yard. He smiled and asked, “Second brother, you have arrived?”

Xiao Li at the entrance nodded his head before slowly entering the yard. He was silent for a moment before he spoke, “I just rushed over from Xiao Gate. From what First Elder said, are you planning on leaving?”

Xiao Yan smiled and replied, “It is time to leave. Continuing to remain in this place will not allow me to truly gain the strength to contend with the ‘Hall of Souls’.”

“You are always walking right at the front… however, this place is indeed too small for the current you. The Central Plains would be most suitable for you.” Xiao Li sighed with a feeling of desolation. He focused on Xiao Yan and some emotion once again appeared in his heart. The tender young man from back then had unknowingly grown up to such an extent…

Xiao Yan’s eyes involuntarily turned sour as he looked at the somewhat unhappy Xiao Li. The departure this time around was not like in the past. The distance between the Central Plains and the ‘Black-Corner Region’ or the Jia Ma Empire was difficult to calculate. Hence, he did not know when he would return after this departure…

Xiao Li hurriedly braced his attention when he saw the somewhat quiet Xiao Yan. Xiao Li patted his shoulders and smiled as he said, “Don’t act so sentimental with your second brother. If big brother knew that I was hindering you here, he would probably scold me to death.”

Xiao Yan’s heart become warm at the mention of big brother. He said, “Second brother should properly manage Xiao Gate after I leave. With ‘Pan’s Gate’ backing it up, it will be difficult to limit the potential of Xiao Gate. By the time I return, Xiao Gate might have already become the overlord of the entire ‘Black-Corner Region’...’

Xiao Li parted his mouth and laughed. He said with great pride, “You can rest assured that it is only a matter of time before that situation happens.”

Xiao Yan grinned when he heard his reply. He shook his head and said, “Don’t underestimate these fellows in the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ However, I have already talked to the First Elder. He will try his best to help you. The Jia Nan Academy is usually on bad terms with the factions in the ‘Black-Corner Region.’ In the past, it had been everyone’s target. However, with the current Xiao Gate, the Jia Nan Academy had an additional ally. With Xiao Gate’s spreading influence in the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ it would be able to help the Jia Nan Academy escape an embarrassing situation…”

Xiao Li nodded his head and said, “Relax. You have handed to me a complete Xiao Gate. In the future, I will return a Xiao Gate that is ten times more powerful than it currently is.”

Xiao Yan smiled. He hesitated for a moment before taking out a jade bottle from his Storage Ring. There was a purple-red medicinal pill within it. Xiao Yan’s hand caressed the jade bottle before handing it to Xiao Li a moment later. He softly said, “Once I leave, I would like to trouble second brother to dispatch someone to deliver this medicinal pill to the Jia Ma Empire and personally hand it to Cai Lin’s hand.”

“Cai Lin? Queen Medusa huh…” Xiao Li was slightly startled when he heard this name. However, it was fortunate that he was also aware of the relationship between Cai Lin and Xiao Yan. Hence, he nodded his head. He did not ask for the reason as he received the medicinal pill and cautiously placed it within his Storage Ring. He said, “Third brother, please rest assured that I will personally deliver this to the Jia Ma Empire when I have the time.”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He softly said, “Additionally you should make contact with big brother more frequently. The Yan Alliance is flourishing within the Jia Ma Empire. With Cai Lin guarding it, the ‘Hall of Souls’ will find it difficult to harm the Yan Alliance unless its true experts get involved. Once Xiao Gate’s strength increases in the future, we will be able to occupy the east and the west with Yan Alliance. At that time, both factions will dominate this north-western region.”


Xiao Li nodded his head. He looked at Xiao Yan and inquired, “When will you return after leaving this time?”

Xiao Yan was silent. He immediately shook his head and softly said, “I don’t know…”

“When will you depart?”


Xiao Li involuntarily let out a bitter laugh when he heard this. He took a step forward and violently gave Xiao Yan a big hug. His hands forcefully patted won Xiao Yan’s back as he said, “Little Fellow, take good care of yourself. Remember big brother’s words. The Xiao clan cannot do without you. Father’s rescue is also something that only you can achieve!”

Hearing Xiao Li’s voice suddenly becoming a lot more hoarse, Xiao Yan’s eyes involuntarily turned red despite his character.

“Second brother, you should also take care.”

The warm sunlight scattered down from the sky the next day and shined at the entrance of the Inner Academy. A densely packed group of human heads were moving there. Numerous gazes looked at the small hill outside of the door. A couple of figures were standing straight at that spot.

“First Elder, Second brother, it is fine by just sending us off until this place.”

Xiao Yan looked at Su Qian and Xiao Li at the entrance before once again looking at Wu Hao and the many Inner Academy’s students behind. He involuntarily smiled and spoke in a loud clear voice.

Seeing the face of the black robed young man that was filled with a warmth smile, Su Qian also felt somewhat sentimental. He said, “There are quite a number of you. Xin Lan has also yet to reach the Dou Wang class and cannot fly. Hence, you should use this griffon to replace your footsteps.”

An enormous black figure carried an eagle’s cry as it slowly descended from the sky after Su Qian’s voice sounded. It flapped its enormous wings, carrying a wild wind that caused the small trees all around to bend their bodies.

“Thank you very much First Elder…”

Xiao Yan’s heart also felt a warmth as he looked at this griffon in front of him. After which, he cupped his hands together and smilingly thanked Su Qian.

After saying all these, Xiao Yan appeared to be unwilling to remain in this kind of parting atmosphere for long. His body moved and appeared on the griffon. Little Fairy Doctor, Zi Yan and Xin Lan also closely followed behind him. However, it was fortunate that the space above this griffon was quite big. Hence, it did not appear squeezy despite four people coming on board.

“Xiao Yan, be careful on your journey!”

Xiao Li once again cried out loud as he looked at the griffon that was slowly flapping its wings.

Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly towards Xiao Li while standing on the enormous head of the griffon. His gaze immediately swept over everyone. Finally, he inhaled a deep breath and waved his sleeves. A wind supported the griffon as it swiftly rose to the sky.

“Chief, travel well!”

A loud and clear roar suddenly sounded from the academy’s entrance below as the Griffon gradually rose into the sky. Xiao Yan turned his head and saw quite a number of members from Pan Gate screaming out with flushed red faces.

Xiao Yan smiled slightly. He cupped his hands towards everyone below and a clear laughter was slowly transmitted down while the Griffon rose.

“Nothing is unchanging. Everyone, I’m sure we'll meet again someday! If it's destined, let’s meet in the Central Plains!”

While the clear laughter was slowly transmitted down from the sky, the Griffon in the sky had already transformed into a small black dot and swiftly disappeared from everyone’s sight. Quite a number of people felt somewhat sentimental from the lingering remnant voice.

Su Qian withdrew his gaze. He turned his head and looked at Xiao Li beside him before smilingly said, “There is no need to worry. Given that fellow’s character, he will also be able to survive very well even in the Central Plains.”

“He is the pride of my Xiao clan.” Xiao Li smiled. His words revealed a little pride.

“I believe that he will also become the pride of the Jia Nan Academy…” Su Qian laughed out loud. After which, he turned around and walked towards the Inner Academy. While he walked, he said, “I really don’t know just what kind of interesting situation it will be if this fellow meets headmaster in the Central Plains. Hee hee…”

Hearing the strange laughter at the end of Su Qian’s words, the people at the entrance of the academy involuntarily looked at each other. They felt somewhat baffled as they turned around and followed…

The enormous Griffon flapped its wings in the distant sky as a faint light barrier spread out from its body, completely blocking the wild wind that was rushing at them.

Xiao Yan stood on the back of the Griffon with his hands behind his back. His gaze slowly withdrew from the direction of the Inner Academy which had already vanished from his sight. He was also feeling a desolation from having to leave.

“Are we really bringing this girl?”

Little Fairy Doctor at the side appeared to be aware of Xiao Yan’s current dispiritedness. She softly spoke, changing the topic while her pretty eyes looked at the excited little face of Zi Yan by the side.

Xiao Yan also pulled his attention back when he heard this. He glanced at Zi Yan and helplessly said, “First Elder asked me to bring her along. He said that some secrets related to her actual body might be revealed in the Central Plains…”

“Humph, I am currently at the Dou Huang class. Don’t tell me that you are worried that I will end up being a burden?” Although the conversation of Xiao Yan and Little Fairy Doctor was soft, it was still heard by Zi Yan. Her eyes immediately widened as she snorted with dissatisfaction.

Xiao Yan gently rubbed Zi Yan’s head with a smile. He did not argue with her. Instead, his gaze looked at Xin Lan and smilingly said, “You will need to indicate the subsequent route.”

“Yes.” Xin Lan smilingly nodded. Her gaze overlooked the place before speaking, “If we wish to reach the Central Plains, we will need to reach a city called ‘Horizon City’. From the place, we will be able to use the Wormhole to head to the Central Plains.”

“Wormhole?” This foreign name caused Xiao Yan to be stunned.

Xin Lan involuntarily covered her mouth and laughed when she saw the uncertainty in Xiao Yan’s eyes. “Wormholes are peculiar things to the Central Plains. It is created by elite Dou Zun using spatial strength to connect two different locations. The distance from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to the Central Plains would take an elite Dou Zong at least half a year to cover. However, if one uses the Wormhole, one would only require a month’s time. However, the creation of a wormhole is quite difficult. Moreover, it must be frequently repaired. Additionally, the strength of the repairing person must be at least at the Dou Zong class. Therefore, it is very rare for it to appear in any region other than one like the Central Plains…”

Xiao Yan was once again stunned. Wormhole? Required an elite Dou Zong to be a repairman? This Central Plains actually possessed such a mysterious and new stuff? At this moment, Xiao Yan appeared to have the distress of a hillbilly entering a city…

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