Chapter 938: Departure

Chapter 938: Departure

Xiao Yan sat on a rock chair within a quiet yard. A tea table sat beside him, created from rock, and two plates of snacks had been placed on it. A pot of green tea was emitting a faint cloud that scattered a slight fragrance. Xiao Yan quietly sat on the rock chair. He occasionally tasted a mouthful of green tea, and suddenly felt a little sentimental. After all, he was about to leave this place. Moreover, the future was filled with uncertainty. Regardless of how strong a person was, their heart would feel a melancholy in the face of a future they were not certain of.

Xiao Yan looked at the somewhat yellowish tree leaves in the yard and involuntarily let out a soft sigh. He turned his head and looked at a figure standing at the entrance of the yard. He smiled and asked, “Second brother, you have arrived?”

Xiao Li at the entrance nodded his head before slowly entering the yard. He was silent for a moment before he spoke, “I just rushed over from Xiao Gate. From what First Elder said, are you planning on leaving?”

Xiao Yan smiled and replied, “It is time to leave. Continuing to remain in this place will not allow me to truly gain the strength to contend...

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