Chapter 936: Earth Demon Puppet Revealing its Might

Chapter 936: Earth Demon Puppet Revealing its Might

The silver-colored human figure, that had suddenly appeared, attracted everyone’s eyes. A punch defeating such a powerful lightning bolt? It was likely that even an ordinary elite Dou Zong would have difficulty achieving this.

Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor were the fastest to recover from the permeating silence. Their gazes focused intently on the human figure with a glaring silver glow within the lightning. They ended up frowning slightly a moment later. This was because they discovered that they were unable to sense the aura of that figure. At the very most, they were able to sense an extreme force within it.

Despite this force being powerful, it revealed some stiffness to it, appearing as though it had lost its intelligence…

“This is…” Su Qian’s gaze stared intently at the silver-colored human figure. A moment later, he inhaled a deep breath of air and slowly said, “This is that so-called ‘Sky Demon Puppet?’ Xiao Yan has actually refined it?”

A strange glow also flickered in the Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty eyes. She nodded slightly and softly said, “However, from Xiao Yan’s cry...

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