Chapter 935: Pill Lightning

Chapter 935: Pill Lightning

This strange phenomenon that had suddenly appeared in the sky also alarmed Su Qian and the others. Immediately, a round of rushing sounds reverberated across the sky. Numerous figures flashed and appeared before floating in the air. Their faces were solemn as they looked at the dark clouds that permeated the sky.

“Pill Lightning…”

Su Qian remained suspended in the sky. His expression was solemn as he looked at the silver-snake-like lightning that was roaming within the dark clouds before slowly speaking in a deep voice.

The Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan stood in the empty sky beside Su Qian. Even their hearts felt some fear in the face of this natural pressure.

“All Elders, listen up. Begin to place a formation in the Inner Academy. Act immediately should any Pill Lightning fall into the Inner Academy!” The thick dark clouds in the sky seemed to have covered half of the Inner Academy. Seeing this, Su Qian finally cried out loud with a serious face.

“Yes sir!”

None of the many Inner Academy Elders dared to slight the order given by Su Qian. They immediately replied in union before rushing down and scattering themselves to all the corners of the Inner Academy. Powerful Dou Qi surged out of their bodies and immediately began to act in concert with...

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