Chapter 930: Successful Refinement!

Chapter 930: Successful Refinement!

Xiao Yan’s tightly shut eyes were suddenly opened within the cave. A joy flashed in his eyes. Both of his hands immediately formed a strange seal and a somewhat unusual cry was emitted from his mouth.

The Old Ground Demon Ghost’s body trembled suddenly following the emission of this cry. Immediately, the spirit that lingered in its head seemed to have been forcefully shattered by something invisible. It transformed into a countless number of light spots that densely scattered through every part of its body. The instant the spirit turned into light spots, the Monster Core that was in the body’s chest emitted a slight buzzing sound. Soon wild, violent energy surged out like rising lake water. Finally, the energy moved along the body’s veins like it was being circulated.

The grayish-white color on the surface of the body became denser following this change in the spirit and the Monster Core. The size of the entire body was also slowly shrinking. A majestic aura that was void of any emotion slowly spread from...

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