Chapter 927: Refining the Fierce Spirit

Chapter 927: Refining the Fierce Spirit

When Xiao Yan woke from his unconscious state, his eyes landed on a pair of lovely grayish purple-coloured eyes. He only sighed in relief when he saw the clearness within them. He pulled his body up. He suddenly discovered that he had unknowingly laid down on the Little Fairy Doctor’s bed and was able to sniff the special fragrance unique to a young female. Xiao Yan mind descended into his body and swept through it, only to discover that the poison gas had already completely vanished.

“I already helped you remove the poison vapor. There is no need for you to worry.” The Little Fairy Doctor beside the bed used her hands to support her head as she watched him without moving. She involuntarily broke into a smile and spoke when she saw what Xiao Yan was doing, causing him to feel as though everything in front of him had brightened.

Xiao Yan smiled. His gaze swept over the Little Fairy Doctor’s body as he said in surprise, “Your strength…” From his senses, the aura of the Little Fairy Doctor in front of him seemed to be much denser than before.

“The eruption of the ‘Woeful Poison Body’ released a lot of poison gas. Such poison gas...

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