Chapter 926: Seal

Chapter 926: Seal

The pretty, red-faced Little Fairy Doctor shrank under the thin quilt. Her wonderful eyes, staring at Xiao Yan, were so red it seemed that water was about to seep out from them.

Xiao Yan was somewhat embarrassed when he was stared at in this manner. He immediately thickened the skin of his face as he said, “It is indeed necessary for the seal…”

The bright-redness on Little Fairy Doctor’s face was reduced greatly when she saw Xiao Yan’s embarrassed manner. The back of her teeth bit her red lower lip. After which, she straightened her body in a mermaid-like manner. Her delicate hands trembled slightly as she removed her clothes.

Her delicate hands moved and her clothes quietly fell. Immediately, a lovely suet-like naked body appeared in front of Xiao Yan, causing a certain person’s breathing to involuntarily become a little heavier. If he were able to maintain a calm mind during such a situation, it was likely that he was not a man…

Xiao Yan violently clenched his teeth. He gave himself two tight slaps in his heart. After which, he forcefully turned his gaze away and inhaled a deep breath. He attempted to maintain an unchanged tone as he said, “Lie down…”

After watching Xiao...

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