Chapter 925: The Woeful Poison Body Erupting Ahead of Time

Chapter 925: The Woeful Poison Body Erupting Ahead of Time

By the time Xiao Yan rushed to the Little Fairy Doctor’s residence, he had discovered that the place had already been completely sealed by an energy light barrier that originated from the top down. Some of the Inner Academy Elders had stopped at this place with solemn faces, and chased away some curious students who had arrived.

A black figure approached from the distant and appeared outside of the light curtain an instant later. The few Inner Academy Elders were about to stop him when they saw this person’s face. Only then did they sigh in relief. They cupped their hands to Xiao Yan and moved their bodies aside. “First Elder is inside. You should quickly go in. Be careful of the poison gas.” An Elder swiftly said after seeing Xiao Yan.

The anxiety within Xiao Yan’s eyes became even denser when he heard this. He nodded and a jade-green flame surged from his body. He immediately entered the light barrier.

A grayish air that carried some stench pounced toward him after he entered the light barrier. However, when it reached the jade-green flame, it was grilled by the high temperature into nothingness, emitting waves of...

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