Chapter 924: Soul Cultivating Saliva

Chapter 924: Soul Cultivating Saliva

“Sky Demon Puppet?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes solidified as he looked at the three large blood-red words. His heart immediately carried a slight doubt as he slowly opened the bamboo scroll. Some more blood-red words, that contained a bloodthirstiness were imprinted into his eyes.

“Sky Demon Puppet. This skill is not a Qi Method nor is it an ordinary Dou Technique. Instead, it is a puppet skill that has been passed down from ancient times. One must gather three items in order to refine the Sky Demon Puppet. A corpse, a spirit, and a Monster Core. The corpse is the device, the spirit is the guide and the Monster Core is the heart. This, accompanied by many other ingredients will ultimately form a Demon Puppet. The Demon Puppet is divided into three levels, Sky, Ground, and Man. The differences between them are determined by the ingredients and the flame used during the refinement. A Demon Puppet possesses an unending amount of strength, and does not have any emotion nor does it feel any pain. It is basically a killing machine.”

The surprise on Xiao Yan’s face became denser as his gaze slowly swept across the blood-red words on the bamboo scroll. This so-called...

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