Chapter 923: Sky Demon Puppet

Chapter 923: Sky Demon Puppet

A faint light curtain covered the bookshelf. This light curtain might appear thin and weak but it contained a strong energy.


Xiao Yan’s gaze cautiously swept over the light barrier. A moment later, he suddenly emitted a surprised sound. He had discovered that the surroundings of this light barrier contained some spatial traces that were difficult to notice.

“This light barrier should be something placed by the Old Ground Demon Ghost. It contains some spatial strength within it. Although it is not very strong, it is likely that any forceful attempt to destroy it would damage the items inside.” Su Qian by his side also discovered the uniqueness of this light barrier. He immediately frowned a little and spoke somewhat awkwardly. These treasures and secret books usually possessed some restrictions. If one were to make a mistake, they would be destroyed and one would return empty-handed.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He flicked his finger and jade-green flame wisp appeared on its tip. It gently made contact with the light curtain.

“Chi chi…”

The light curtain began to fluctuate after the flame made contact with it. Circular...

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