Chapter 922: Rock Cave Storeroom

Chapter 922: Rock Cave Storeroom

Xiao Yan extended his hand and pulled the excited-faced Zi Yan behind him as he studied the cave behind the rock wall. After which, his eyes made contact with the Little Fairy Doctor, Su Qian, and Xiao Li. The Dou Qi within their bodies quietly circulated. Only then did they slowly make their way to the hole that had been forcefully created by Zi Yan. They slowly walked in. They were extremely careful where they placed each footstep since they were unaware of what was hidden here.

They made their way through the small tunnel before finally stopping inside of the cave a moment later. Standing at this spot, they could vaguely see some light emitted from within the cave. Some Magical Beast drawings were present on the rock walls surrounding the cave. At a glance they appeared to possess a stern, fierce aura. However, this kind of deterrence was completely useless against Xiao Yan’s group.

Su Qian walked at the front. Among all of them, he had preserved the most of his strength. He did not exhaust much strength while dealing with Old Ying Shan. It was safest to have him be at the front while exploring...

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