Chapter 920: The Final Victor

Chapter 920: The Final Victor

The enormous fire wave swept out in all directions from the black fog sea. The remnant waves created by the fire wave caused the trees within a thousand meters of the valley to emit a ‘puff’ sound as they turned to ashes…

If one were to look down on the scene from above, one would be able to see a lush green color within a thousand meter radius disappear almost instantly, with the Demon Flame Valley as its center. Even the forest more than a thousand meters away had turned to a withering yellow. Clearly, the high temperature contained within the fire wave had vaporized all the moisture within this region.

The might of the fire lotus was this frightening!

At this moment, the Demon Flame Valley was in complete chaos. The enormous rocks that rolled down from the wall caused the people from the Demon Flame Valley, who did not have time to prepare themselves, to suffer great losses. It was still alright for some agile experts. They were still able to dodge this great calamity with their speed. However, those who were slow were buried in an enormous rock ruin.

The experts in the open ground, who were late to leave, only managed to flee from the valley after some graceful dodging. Due to the frightening...

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