Chapter 919: Fire Lotus, Kill!

Chapter 919: Fire Lotus, Kill!

The space in front of the Little Fairy Doctor had strangely become much more distorted with the transformation of her eyes. The speed of the black-colored longsword, that seemed to have shot over like lightning, slowed again when it entered the distorted space!

“Sky Sinister Poison Hand!”

A voice that was void of any emotion was softly spat out from the Little Fairy Doctor’s mouth. Immediately, a grayish-purple majestic Dou Qi surged out of her body. It instantly formed two enormous Dou Qi hands. These Dou Qi hands were extended and immediately grabbed the black fog longsword.

The enormous black fog sword had difficulty penetrating further after facing such resistance. However, the sharp, dark, cold sword aura at its tip caused the Little Fairy Doctor’s skin to emit waves of piercing pain. After having swallowed Protector Xuan’s spirit, Han Feng’s strength was greater than hers. It was naturally no longer as relaxing as it was in the past to block him. After all, each star level within the Dou Zong class was an enormous gap. It was quite difficult to leap across it.

The grayish-purple Dou Qi hands and the black...

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