Chapter 918: Exchanging Blows Again

Chapter 918: Exchanging Blows Again

The sudden change that occurred in the sky caused everyone to be stunned. Numerous eyes stared at Han Feng’s hand as he slowly withdrew it from Protector Tie’s body. Their hearts involuntarily chilled when they saw the savage smile on his face. This fellow… his heart was really vicious. He was actually able to act against his companion without any hesitation.

This vicious tactics of Han Feng shocked quite a number of people. The dislike of him within many people's hearts also became greater. This included Old Ying Shan. Although he was not considered a good person, he would still not do something as shameless as attack his companions. Moreover, if Han Feng was able to attack Protector Xuan without any scruple, it was likely that Han Feng could decide to attack Old Ying Shan without feeling the slightest burden.

Han Feng was unaware of the thoughts within everyone’s heart. At this moment, Protector Xuan’s spirit gradually became illusionary after having lost his body because of Han Feng’s unexpected murderous act.

Han Feng indifferently looked at this spirit that had become illusionary...

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