Chapter 914: Gathering Fierce Spirit

Chapter 914: Gathering Fierce Spirit

“Ao ao ao!”

The enormous wolf-shaped fire spirit wailed at the sky. Invisible ripples swiftly spread. The remaining blood-red spiritual bodies were turned into nothingness under the ripples. Not even a little spiritual strength escaped from them…

“Fallen Heart Flame? Brat, I underestimated you. It is unexpected that you are able to control it to such an extent!”

Following this large scale massacre by the wolf-shaped fire spirit, the dark-black cloud that contained traces of dark-redness began to churn. A shocked, furious cry was transmitted from it.

Xiao Yan ignored the angry cry of Protector Xuan. He focused his mind on controlling the enormous wolf-shaped fire spirit. This was the first kind of fire spirit from the ‘Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique.’ With Xiao Yan’s current Spiritual Strength, he naturally did not need to exhaust too much strength to form it. However, the remaining fire spirits became harder and harder to train. Once he succeeded, however, the strength from the gathering of the five kinds of fire spirit would be quite frightening.

Although this was merely the...

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