Chapter 913: Fire Spirit Revealing Its Might

Chapter 913: Fire Spirit Revealing Its Might

The black clouds covered the sun and lingered in the sky above the valley. The originally clear sky had turned dark almost instantaneously. The strange black fog seemed to be something where even sunlight had difficulty penetrating.

Countless numbers of sharp ear-piercing cries reverberated unceasingly within the valley. Dense spirits penetrated the black fog, appearing like evil ghosts that remained hidden during the night. Their blood-red eyes appeared exceptionally sinister within the dark environment.

“Everyone, be careful, these are spiritual bodies that are controlled by them!”

Xiao Yan’s expression sank slightly as he looked that the souls lingering in the sky. Finally he cried out in a deep voice.

Su Mei and the other experts were also shocked at this unexpected change. They immediately rushed to Xiao Yan’s side. Their eyes revealed a solemness as they looked at the dense-black cloud in the sky. The closely packed randomly dancing spirits caused their heads to feel numb.

“Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk. In order to successfully capture you, this protector has put in sufficient capital. These are the souls successfully...

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