Chapter 912: Protector Xuan

Chapter 912: Protector Xuan

Xiao Yan indifferently glanced at the gold-silver elders whose bodies had completely stiffened. His finger contained a force that was flicked. The sharp force penetrated the heads of the two people. Their eyes turned black and they fainted from the strike.

Xiao Yan held each of them with one hand and randomly threw them onto the open ground as though he was throwing out garbage. The low sound the came from the smashing of the bodies on the ground caused the eyes of quite a number of people to twitch. All of them felt a silent pity for the unlucky gold-silver elders.

After doing all this, Xiao Yan finally patted his hands. He turned around, looked at Mo Tian Xing, and said, “Sect leader Mo, has your sect’s junior sect leader been unconscious?”

Everyone hearts were filled with doubt upon hearing these words of Xiao Yan that appeared from nowhere. However, the face of Mo Tian Xing changed drastically. He furiously looked at Xiao Yan and cried out, “Is the matter of my son being poisoned caused by you?”

The matter of Mo Ya being poisoned was naturally not related to Xiao Yan. He was unconcerned when he heard the Little Fairy Doctor mention it to him after the matter. Now that he had...

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