Chapter 912: Protector Xuan

Chapter 912: Protector Xuan

Xiao Yan indifferently glanced at the gold-silver elders whose bodies had completely stiffened. His finger contained a force that was flicked. The sharp force penetrated the heads of the two people. Their eyes turned black and they fainted from the strike.

Xiao Yan held each of them with one hand and randomly threw them onto the open ground as though he was throwing out garbage. The low sound the came from the smashing of the bodies on the ground caused the eyes of quite a number of people to twitch. All of them felt a silent pity for the unlucky gold-silver elders.

After doing all this, Xiao Yan finally patted his hands. He turned around, looked at Mo Tian Xing, and said, “Sect leader Mo, has your sect’s junior sect leader been unconscious?”

Everyone hearts were filled with doubt upon hearing these words of Xiao Yan that appeared from nowhere. However, the face of Mo Tian Xing changed drastically. He furiously looked at Xiao Yan and cried out, “Is the matter of my son being poisoned caused by you?”

The matter of Mo Ya being poisoned was naturally not related to Xiao Yan. He was unconcerned when he heard the Little Fairy Doctor mention it to him after the matter. Now that he had suddenly recalled it, it seemed that it would be a great chip to play.

“Back then, you and I were enemies. He also wished to kill me. Isn’t it normal for me to use some tactics?” Xiao Yan calmly replied. His face did not change because of the furious Mo Tian Xing.

Mo Tian Xing was dull. He immediately clenched his teeth and said in a deep voice. “Hand the antidote over to me, and I can treat this as though it had never happened.”

“I can give you the antidote but you cannot participate in the matter between Xiao Gate and the Demon Flame Valley. Otherwise…” A viciousness appeared on Xiao Yan’s smiling face when he spoke until this point. One was undoubtedly wasting one’s breath by attempting to persuade this cunning fox. The effect of speaking everything openly was instead much greater.

Mo Tian Xing immediately clenched his fist tightly when he heard this. He seemed to hesitate a little. Seeing his hesitation, Han Feng hurriedly said, “Sect leader Mo, has Mo Ya been poisoned by Xiao Yan? Do not fall for his trap. I also know a little about detoxification. I will help remove the poison once this matter is over.”

“You really think highly of yourself. An alchemist and a poison master are two clearly defined occupations. An ordinary poison might be solved by some ordinary antidote. However, the poison within young sect leader Mo Ya is not an ordinary poison. I think that this point is something that sect leader Mo understands very well. Hence, if you really wish to hand your son’s life to an alchemist who does not specialize in poison, you are accepting a great risk...” Xiao Yan glanced at Han Feng and mocked him before involuntarily shaking his head.

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Mo Tian Xing, who was a little convinced by Han Feng, hesitated again. A moment later, he finally asked in a low solemn manner, “Do you dare hat you will completely cure my son of the poison within his body after this is over?”

“I use the name of Xiao Gate to guarantee my word. Sect leader Mo, you can rest assured that Xiao Yan does not wish to easily offend an elite Dou Zong unless it is absolute necessary…” Xiao Yan smiled and spoke after hearing Mo Tian Xing’s somewhat desperate tone.

Mo Tian Xing’s face stiffened. A moment later, he finally nodded his head.

“Alright, the old me shall believe you this once!”

“Sect leader Mo, this little fellow is full of tricks. He is clearly attempting to divide us. It is not as though you are unaware of his strength. If he wishes to settle the scores in the future, the strength of your Black Emperor Sect would likely have difficulty blocking him!” A ferocious fury flashed across Han Feng’s eyes when he saw that Mo Tian Xing was actually convinced by Xiao Yan to withdraw. On the surface, however, he spoke with great regret.

“I do not wish to use my son as stakes…” Mo Tian Xing gloomily responded. He had put in tons of effort to groom Mo Ya for many years. Naturally, it was impossible for him to simply watch his son lose his life under the torture of this poison. Moreover… the reason that this old fellow was able to reply so quickly was also because of the situation. The way he saw it, even if Han Feng successfully formed the alliance, it was likely difficult for him to contend with Xiao Gate and the Jia Nan Academy. After all, the uncertainty factor of Xiao Yan was a little too great. Hence, it was difficult for him to tell just who would be victorious in this fight between both parties. Hence, taking the opportunity to withdraw from the battle and watch the fight between the tigers from afar was not a bad decision.

It was naturally difficult for Han Feng to guess the many concerns in Mo Tian Xing’s heart quickly. However, even if he managed to guess it, it was likely that the fury in his heart would not be weakened. An elite Dou Zong backing off at the last moment was undoubtedly a great blow to him. This was especially the case at this moment. The originally uncertain ‘Black-Corner Region’ factions would likely feel timid now.

Hence, the atmosphere of the open ground had become much stranger after Mo Tian Xing said that he would not participate. Some of the factions and experts on the open ground also quietly turned their eyes away from Han Feng. Some of them even lifted their winecups, poured some wine in, and drank by themselves, ignoring the strange atmosphere around them.

Old Ying Shan’s face had similarly become somewhat unnatural. If Mo Tian Xing were to withdraw, how could their side contend with Xiao Yan’s group. After all, the other party had the equivalence of three elite Dou Zongs, including Xiao Yan…

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth slowly lifted into a cold smile when he sensed the slight transformation within the place. His eyes obscurely threw a look of praise to the Little Fairy Doctor. If she had not randomly poisoned Mo Ya after feeling extremely irritated at his harassment back then, it was likely that he would have difficulty getting Mo Tian Xing to withdraw today. Once Mo Tian Xing withdrew, Han Feng’s side would have difficulty creating much waves. After all, just Han Feng and Old Ying Shan strength would have difficulty turning the tide. Moreover, with Old Ying Shan’s cautious character, it was likely that he would rationally give up after knowing that he was no match for the opponents regardless of how much desire he felt…

Xiao Yan’s hand was waved gently. Su Mei, Wu Tie, Old Ying Gu, and the many experts who had come to help also slowly spread like an opening fan and coincidentally formed a semicircle shape that partially surrounded the in the open ground. The exit of the open ground was also completely blocked. If they were not careful, this Demon Flame Valley might really be removed from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ today.

A faint fierce aura quietly spread following the movement of the many experts. Some of the experts with insufficient mental strength were unable to endure the pressure that lingered in their hearts and quietly left their seats…

Xiao Yan did not stop those who had left their seats. Their target today was Han Feng and the Demon Flame Valley. It had nothing to do with the other factions in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. If he were to attack them here, he would really force them to join Han Feng. It was naturally impossible for Xiao Yan to do such a foolish thing.

Han Feng’s expression grew more dark and dense as people began to rise from their seats and leave one after another. Awhile later, his face was finally covered under a dark dense shadow. A vicious low voice slowly sounded.

“Xiao Yan, originally, I wanted to allow you to live a little longer. However, since you insist on seeking death, do not blame me for not considering our relationship as people who share the same teacher!”

Xiao Yan knit his brows when he heard this. What other tricks did this fellow have?

Having understood Xiao Yan’s thoughts, Han Feng slowly raised his head. His face had a strange smile hanging on it. After which, an unusual laughter was transmitted from his mouth in an ear-piercing manner, “Protector Xuan, please intervene!”

“Bang! Bang!”

Han Feng’s laughter had just sounded when waves of black fog suddenly erupted from the surrounding mountain walls. Black fog curled and rose. Immediately, dozens of human figures hidden under the black fog appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

The sudden unexpected occurrence caused everyone present to be shocked. They immediately panicked a little as they looked all over the place.

“People from the ‘Hall of Souls?’ It is unexpected that Han Feng has actually made contact with them!” This unexpected change had also caused Xiao Yan’s group to be slightly startled. After which, Xiao Yan’s face changed as he spoke in a dense manner.

“There is no need to be worried. Other than one of them whose strength is at the Dou Zong class, there is no need to be afraid of the remaining people.” Su Qian and the Little Fairy Doctor moved. Su Qian opened his mouth and spoke when they appeared beside Xiao Yan.

Mo Tian Xing and Old Ying Shan were stunned because of the change of the situation within the battleground. It was unexpected that Han Feng appeared to have kept some tricks. There was an expert at the Dou Zong class among these people within the mysterious black fog…

“Tsk tsk, Xiao Yan, do you think that my information would actually be so easily obtained by your Xiao Gate? Everything you know about this is merely information that I have released on purpose. My aim is to attract you over. It is unexpected that you have really taken the bait…” Han Feng strangely laughed. A moment later, he turned to Mo Tian Xing and Old Ying Shan. He smiled and said, “You two. Is it much more secure cooperating with me now? However, there is no need for the both of you to act now…”

“Protector Xuan, this person is Xiao Yan. He is also someone from the Jia Ma Empire’s Xiao clan which the ‘Hall of Souls’ is spending a great effort to investigate. The thing that you need might be on him. Tsk tsk, even if the thing is not on him, this little fellow has two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flame’ within him. It is likely that the effects of capturing him and handing him to an Honorable Elder within the hall would satisfy them more than any ordinary soul!” Han Feng raised his head and loudly spoke to a person with the densest fog surrounding him.

“Xiao Yan huh? Hee hee, I have heard Protector Wu mention you. A little troublesome… however, it is fortunate that I have received information about you and have prepared quite a lot of things before hurrying over…” A hoarse voice was transmitted from the lingering black fog before reverberating in an unusually ear-piercing manner beside everyone’s ears.

“Protector Wu?” A bloody redness suddenly surged into Xiao Yan’s eyes when he heard this familiar name. A furious killing intent churned unceasingly like a wave in his heart.

“It seems that you possess great hatred toward Protector Wu. Hee hee, it is expected. Your teacher was captured by that fellow in front of you. As his disciple, you would definitely feel terrible. However, you need not be bothered. You will be able to see your teacher soon…” The person within the black fog let out a sinister laugh before suddenly crying out in a cold voice.

“All Spirit Envoys listen up. Form the Ten Thousand Soul Swallowing Formation!”

When the cry sounded, one could see black fog surging out from the black shadows on the mountain walls in all directions. Immediately, the fog formed a black cloud that covered the valley. After which, a couple of black fog-like things, that were spinning, flew out. A faint glow that was emitted from within them as numerous illusionary spiritual bodies with a pairs of bright-red eyes surged out like evil ghosts. Finally, they emitted a terribly sharp cry that caused one’s blood to boil as they shot toward everyone within the valley from all directions.

The savage smile on Han Feng’s face became even denser as he sat on the leader’s seat and watched the countless spirits surge out.

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