Chapter 909: Gather

Chapter 909: Gather

The next day, on a small mountain peak not far from the ‘Peace Town’ of the Jia Nan Academy, one would occasionally see flashing human figures within the dense forest. There were a couple of withered trees within the forest along with some flowers and grasses. The air was also very fresh.

Over ten human figures stood facing the wind on the mountain peak. The wild wind that blew over was unable to cause the clothes of these human figures to flutter even a little. The ten plus people quietly stood as the roaring wind smashed against their faces. However, not a single person moved because of this. All of them stood quietly. The faint pressuring aura that was emitted caused the mountain peak to be completely silent.

A black-robed, young man stood at the leader’s spot. His eyes were shut while his hands were placed behind him. A long while later, his ears suddenly moved and he faintly said, “They’re here. They’re finally here…”

Over ten black spots suddenly appeared in the horizon not long after Xiao Yan’s voice sounded. In merely a couple of blinks, these black spots turned into human figures that rushed over. They only gradually reduced their speed when they were a short...

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