Chapter 906: Advancing Again

Chapter 906: Advancing Again

Time quietly rolled by like the sand between one’s fingers in this deadly quiet, ancient magma world. A short amount of time was unable to cause the endless magma to show even the slightest bit of activity. Time had become inconsequential in this place…

A month passed by in the blink of an eye.

Due to those so-called ‘fire beads,’ Xiao Yan’s progress during this one month was extremely quick. After swallowing and refining around fifty plus of them, he could clearly sense that the Dou Qi vessel within his body, that had expanded during the last advancement, was once again transmitting a swelling feeling. This situation told Xiao Yan that his current self was already at the peak of a five star Dou Huang. As long as he had an opportunity, he would be able to easily advance and breakthrough to become a six star Dou Huang!

Upon reaching this stage, Xiao Yan also knew that continuing to focus and train was no longer the most optimum path. Although one cannot slack off during one’s training, one should also know that one would not be able to make it by being too anxious. Simply put, stubbornly training...

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