Chapter 902: Tian Huo Zun Zhe

Chapter 902: Tian Huo Zun Zhe

Xiao Yan clearly felt an unusual ripple sweeping over his body when he broke through the layer of transparent light. This ripple swiftly disappeared when it made contact with the Fallen Heart Flame on his body, allowing Xiao Yan’s body to successfully enter it.

When he penetrated the barrier, the bright-red color that filled his eyes was swiftly scattered. Replacing it was a kind of misty and faint cream-white-colored light. Xiao Yan immediately stabilized his body. His gaze was extremely cautious as it swept in all directions. Finally, it paused on the mysterious skeleton that was suspended in the middle.

The space in this place was clearly the light barrier that Xiao Yan had seen earlier. Perhaps it was due to his sight, but this place appeared much bigger at this moment. However, one could still take in the entire place with a glance.

Xiao Yan turned his head as his eyes searched outside the light barrier. The blood-colored fire lizard leaders were discovered by him. His expression immediately became somewhat solemn. He did not expect that this mysterious magma race would actually possess such...

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