Chapter 901: Fire Lizard Race

Chapter 901: Fire Lizard Race

The densely packed red-colored figures swiftly parted the magma and rushed over. After merely a dozen seconds, they spread out and surrounded Xiao Yan…

Being stared at by so many fierce gazes caused even Xiao Yan’s face to become somewhat unnatural. His eyes stared at the largest fire lizard person. Not only was this fellow’s size larger than an ordinary lizard person, but the scales on its body were also a darker shade of red. Its eyes, which contained a similar dark and cold fierceness, also revealed a ruthlessness and cunningness that the other lizard people did not possess.

“Ji ji!”

The large fire lizard eyes stared sinisterly at Xiao Yan. Its sharp teeth covered mouth emitted numerous ‘ji ji’ cries that Xiao Yan did not understand. His large hand was also dancing in front of him.

Xiao Yan did not understand the meaning that this large fellow wanted to convey. However, he knew that it was definitely not a friendly conversation. He immediately ceased paying any attention as his gaze swept around him, searching for a place where he could escape. The number of fire lizard that had appeared this time...

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