Chapter 90: Arranging Everything

Chapter 90: Arranging Everything

After staring at the young lady who had appeared beside the window like a ghost, Xiao Yan whispered in surprise, “What is she doing here?”

“He he. From the looks of things, it seems that she has the same intentions as you.” Yao Lao softly said with a smile.

Frowning slightly, Xiao Yan hid his entire body within the shadows. He immediately but with some hesitation asked in his heart again: “Xun Er’s strength… why is it so overwhelming? Looking at the speed at which she had appeared, it seems comparable to that of a Da Dou Shi.”

“Her real strength is indeed what you usually see. For now, she is clearly using a secret technique that enables her to temporarily raise her strength for a period of time. Considering her background, being in possession of such a mystical secret technique is not something surprising.” Yao Lao indifferently said.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan was slightly shocked and bitterly laughed in amazement. Once again, his inner curiosity about Xun Er’s mysterious background led him to sigh helplessly. Shaking his head, he stopped thinking. His gaze passed through the curtain on the opposite side and watched the strangeness unfold.

Within the room, the sudden ghost like appearance of Xun Er had yet to catch Liu Xi’s attention. For the moment, he was entirely overcome by lust and had his pair of eyes staring at the beautiful woman on the bed. His hands were tugging at his clothes in a mad rush.

At some point, Liu Xi’s hand, which was tugging at his clothes, froze. As a six star Dou Zhe, he had finally felt that there was something amiss. After a brief hesitation, he slowly turned his neck and his gaze shot to the widely opened window.

On top of the window was a young lady in a golden dress lazily leaning on the window frame. A pair of eyes which were filled with a golden colored flame were indifferently watching the partially dressed man in the room. Floating above her white hand was a golden flame that was orbiting in an active and bewitching manner, much like a spirit.

Liu Xi foolishly stared at the young lady who was bathed under the moonlight. He slowly shifted his gaze until it landed on her indifferent and exquisite small face. Within his eyes, a tipsy feeling emerged. Despite the wrong atmosphere, Liu Xi could not help but become slightly dazed in the face of the perfect face and extraordinary disposition.

After being in a daze, however, Liu Xi abruptly turned around. Slamming his feet on the ground, his body crazily shot towards the main entrance like a released arrow. In this strange atmosphere and with a cold feeling of being near death, he knew that the young lady’s sudden appearance was not a good sign.

The room might have been spacious, but with Liu Xi’s speed, he only needed a short few seconds to move from the bed to the front door. Seeing that the wooden door was within reach, happiness flashed across Liu Xi’s eyes. Once he exited the room, he would be able to loudly call out for help. Once Jia Lie Bi heard his distress calls, he would immediately come over to rescue him.

Unfortunately, just as he was about to touch the wooden door, he felt a sudden pain in his legs. His body, which was running at extreme speed, tilted and slammed against the floor and Liu Xi coughed out a few of his broken teeth along with accompanying blood.

Lowering his head in terror, he saw that two fist sized bloodied holes had unknowingly appeared on both of his legs. The edge of the bloodied hole was entirely black while emitting a faint charred smell.

“Somebody! There’s someone who wants to murder me!”

The intense pain from his legs nearly caused Liu Xi to faint. However, he clenched his teeth and withstood it. Then he opened his mouth and screamed as loud as possible.

“You can stop shouting. The room is surrounded by my aura. No one can hear you.” The young lady leaning on the window edge said indifferently. A golden flame blade formed on the tip of her finger as she lifted it. It seemed like the injury on Liu Xi’s legs was caused by this flame blade.

“You… What do you intend to do? What do you want? Money? Medicine? I can give you anything as long as you let me go.” Watching the young lady with utter terror, Liu Xi’s face was utterly white. In the face of death, his lust was finally suppressed.

Glancing impassively at the crippled Liu Xi squirming on the ground, the young lady lightly jumped from the window. With slow continuous steps, she walked toward Liu Xi.

Watching the Xun Er who had lightly jumped from the window, Xiao Yan realised that her hair, which usually ended at her waist, had lengthened and extended down to her bottom. Apparently, this was another effect of the secret method.

In the spacious room, the young lady wearing the elegant golden dress continued to head toward Liu Xi, who was groaning on the ground. When she was in front of him, she halted her footsteps, lowered her head and gave a sudden light smile. The instantaneous smile caused Liu Xi’s heart to violently jump.

“Didn’t you wish to capture me?” Xun Er’s light voice was filled with coldness as she lowered herself.

Liu Xi swallowed his saliva. His face was filled with cold sweat that originated from his fear.

“I actually dislike killing…” Seeing Liu Xi’s terror stricken face, Xun Er suddenly sighed.

Hearing this, a faint hope appeared in Liu Xi’s eyes. Before he could beg for mercy, however, the sudden coldness that appeared on the young lady’s face sent him to an even greater despair.

“I don’t mind a little pointless gaze. But why did you insult him? What right do you have to insult him? He might not take to heart what trash, like you, said, but I cannot allow it. Really cannot!” As the young lady’s voice abruptly turned cold, the golden flame blade above her finger was suddenly and violently released. It transformed into golden lightning and penetrated Liu Xi’s chest. Instantly, a bloodied hole appeared.

Having received a fatal blow, Liu Xi’s body suddenly contracted. His white face slowly went dark while his slightly protruding eyeballs looked frightening.

After indifferently glancing at the lifeless corpse, Xun Er stood up and lightly sighed. The cold small face exhibited a helplessness as she quietly whispered: “If I were not worried of Xiao Yan Ge-ge blaming me for being a busybody, the Jia Lie Clan would have long vanished from Wu Tang City. All these troublesome matters would not have appeared if that happened...”

Shaking her head, Xun Er’s gaze randomly swept the room before turning her body. When she appeared again, she was already by the window. With a light leap, she disappeared into the night.

“Ze ze, to think that this girl who seemed to be so gentle and soft is actually decisive when it comes to killing people. Hehe, it seems you have found something precious.” Yao Lao’s joking voice sounded from Xiao Yan’s heart not long after Xun Er left.

Bitterly smiling as he shook his head, Xiao Yan sighed once more. “It seems that I have made a futile trip tonight.”

“Heh heh. That’s hard to say. Although that girl was merciless in her attack, she’s too young and lacks experience.” Yao Lao spoke with a smile.

Hearing this, the stunned Xiao Yan immediately asked, “What do you mean?”

“Just watch…” Yao Lao smiled mysteriously before becoming quiet.

Seeing Yao Lao’s manner, Xiao Yan could only shake his head and continue hiding himself in the dark. His gaze observed everything in the room.

The dark room, with the exception of the servant girl’s breathing, was utterly quiet.

Xiao Yan waited quietly for over ten minutes. Just as he was beginning to frown, the eyes of the haphazardly fallen corpse of Liu Xi moved.

Beside the door, the hands of the originally lifeless Liu Xi had began to moved slightly. A moment later, the closed eyes slowly opened while the grayness on his face had also disappeared.

“Si...” Looking at the bloodied hole on his chest, Liu Xi took in a light cold breath. His eyes were filled with hatred. “Damn girl. Had I not stolen some ‘Turtle Breath Pill’ from teacher when I left, I would have really perished here.”

Reaching out his hand with great difficulty, Liu Xi extracted a jade bottle from his breast pocket. He carefully poured some of the white powder on his wound before taking out a pale green pill and swallowed it without hesitation. After completing these simple action, Liu Xi’s face once again turned pale.

“It will likely take at least half a year to recover from this serious injury. Tomorrow, I will ask the Jia Lie Clan to send me back and invite my teacher over. With teacher’s help, the Xiao Clan will not have any good days left. At that time, I will torture that woman until she dies.” Liu Xi sinisterly clenched his teeth. His face was filled with wickedness.

“Sorry to interrupt, but you may not have the chance to return…” As Liu Xi was imagining how he would proceed, a bland voice with a hint of laughter suddenly erupted from within the room.

The sudden voice caused Liu Xi to freeze. His face changed as he turned around with great difficulty.

A figure that was entirely covered in a black cloak slowly emerged from the shadows.

“What a careless girl. In the end, I am still required to put an end to it all.” A young man’s voice escaped from under the black cloak. His palm was lightly stretched out and a white Heavenly flame slowly emerged.

“A heavenly flame?” Seeing this strange white flame, Liu Xi’s eyes narrowed and he involuntarily cried out in horror.

“Congratulations, you are correct. Here’s your reward.”

With a smile, the black cloaked man waved his hand. The gloomy white flame instantly left his hand. With lightning speed, it covered Liu Xi, burning him into a pile of ashes in the blink of an eye; Liu Xi did not even have the time to scream.

From that moment forth, the alchemist known as Liu Xi vanished from the continent.

Coldly clapping his hands, the black cloaked man waved his hands once more. A wind swept away the ashes on the ground, leaving a clean floor. Then, he leisurely lept from the window, soared into the air and sped off.

Without alerting anyone, the black cloaked man quickly left the Jia Lie Clan’s home. His feet lightly touched the roof of a house and just as he leaped for a couple dozens of meters, he suddenly paused. Helplessly sighing, he gradually lifted his head.

On the edge of a tower to the side was a young lady in a golden dress who was randomly swinging her round snow-white feet. With limpid eyes that contained a golden flame, she was lazily staring at the black cloaked man on the roof.

“Who are you?”

The young lady’s finger gently touched the black hair that was lifted by the night breeze as she lifted her delicate chin. Her agile voice reverberated through the small space around them.

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