Chapter 899: Mysterious Bones

Chapter 899: Mysterious Bones

The hesitation in Xiao Yan’s eyes slowly disappeared after Xiao Yan made a decision in his heart. He lowered his head and looked at the endless magma. A solemness flashed onto his face. He was uncertain about just how deep this underground magma was. One must possess an unusually powerful strength if one wanted to enter deep within it. This was because there was a great pressure from the already hot magma, something that an ordinary expert would not be able to endure.

According to his prediction, one must require at least the strength of a Dou Zong class if one wanted to enter the bottom of this magma. An ordinary Dou Huang or someone without powerful Dou Qi would likely have their fortune hang in the balance if they were to head down. Of course, Xiao Yan was an exception. This was the place where the Fallen Heart Flame was born. With him being the current owner of the Fallen Heart Flame, it would be much easier for him to move about.

Xiao Yan waved his hand as he stood on the magma while deep in thought. The Heavy Xuan Ruler once again appeared in his hand. After which, he swung his...

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