Chapter 898: Initial Mastery of the Ruler Technique

Chapter 898: Initial Mastery of the Ruler Technique

The bright-red magma world was filled with a deadly silence. It seemed void of any traces of life. The vast, seemingly endless magma was just like a pool of still water that did not even form the slightest ripple. The quietness seemed to cover every single inch of this magma world…


A low, deep sound suddenly appeared in this quiet magma world. Immediately, the viscous magma seemed to be stirred by something as it began to furiously rise and fall. An enormous magma fire wave whistled and rose before finally falling down, shooting out a magma flow in all directions while emitting a loud bang.

A human figure stood on the magma under the whistling of the magma’s fire wave. His body was naked and a layer of white, viscous liquid covered his exposed skin. At this moment, his hand was holding a large, heavy ruler while he danced swiftly. Numerous profound arcs formed. Following the dancing of the heavy ruler, a continuous ruler figure swiftly spread out and enshrouded his entire body. The magma that landed with a bang was swiftly being reflected aside when it made contact with the ruler figure...

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