Chapter 897: Summoning

Chapter 897: Summoning

Hot, wild wind whistled past Xiao Yan’s ears as his body fell down the hole. As he approached the underground magma world, the surrounding air also became much hotter.

A faint jade-green flame flowed from Xiao Yan’s body, isolating the high temperature of the outside world. His gaze stared at the pure-red color below, and he gently inhaled a breath of air. A caution quietly rose within his heart. This kind of place was not one that was used to play. It was really dangerous here. It was definitely not wrong to be careful. The vague summoning feeling earlier continued for a short instant before it scattered and became invisible. This kind of strange scene caused Xiao Yan to wonder if it was an illusion.

Xiao Yan continued down for awhile before his eyes suddenly widened. At this moment, the thing that appeared in front of him was a magma world that was vast, and seemed to be endless. The large bright-red magma pool emitted a hot energy that caused one to feel asphyxia. Even though one was near it, the hot air caused one to have difficulty enduring on. Enormous bubbles surged out of the magma and appeared...

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