Chapter 896: Entering The Bottom of the Tower Again

Chapter 896: Entering The Bottom of the Tower Again

In an extremely bright study, a thread of moonlight shot onto the table through the bright and clean window. A table manufactured from cork tree emitted a faint wooden fragrance. On it was a flower vase made of glass where two to three stalks of flowers rested. The flowers still carried the morning dew. Two to three inkstones were placed around the table. Such treasured calligraphy was always well-liked by important people.

“You wish to enter the bottom of the Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower?” Su Qian’s hand movement immediately paused when he heard Xiao Yan’s request. He raised his head and revealed a stunned face.

Su Qian also had some brief contact with the world at the bottom of the tower. That place was basically void of life. A place where hot magma randomly flowed, emitting various sulfur smells. Even the energy there was filled with wild violence. An ordinary person could not escape from such an environment fast enough. Who would have expected Xiao Yan to take the initiative to request to enter it? It was unavoidable that Su Qian would lose himself in such a manner.

Xiao Yan smiled in an embarrassed...

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