Chapter 895: Training Venue

Chapter 895: Training Venue

The gentle light landed on Xiao Yan’s repeatedly changing face in the room. A cluster of grayish-brown flames slowly rose in front of him, emitting a hot temperature.

This silence continued for a moment before Xiao Yan finally exhaled. He beckoned with his hand and the grayish-brown-colored ‘Life Transforming Flame’ landed in his hand. A bitter laugh sounded as he looked at the flame. Finally, he widened his mouth and once again sucked the flame into his body.

Xiao Yan’s heart ultimately contained the greatest fear for the so-called Central Plains. This place, that gathered the top experts from the Dou Qi continent, was the grandest stage on the entire continent. The strong there were as numerous as the clouds. If one did not have some ability, one would only become other people’s stepping stone if one wanted to do well in that place. Although Xiao Yan had currently advanced to a five star Dou Huang and could enter the level of the experts, he clearly understood that this strength would be considered nothing in the Central Plains. If this were the case, he must have some trump cards...

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