Chapter 894: Five Star Dou Huang

Chapter 894: Five Star Dou Huang

Old Qian and Old Bai did not remain in the Inner Academy for long before they quietly disappeared just like they had appeared. In regards to their disappearance, Xiao Yan and the others did not feel any other emotion other than speechless. An expert must have the style of an expert.

Xiao Yan examined the corpse of the Old Ground Demon Ghost the two had left behind only to be surprised to discover that there was not the slightest spiritual trace. It was likely that this old fellow’s soul had been destroyed by Old Bai. Some cold sweat formed on his forehead after learning this. He did not know just what kind of grudge Old Bai had with this fellow to cause him to be this ruthless.

Of course, Xiao Yan would not feel any pity for this old fellow. If Old Qian and Old Bai did not reveal themselves this time around, it was likely that the entire Inner Academy would become a wasteland under his frightening ‘Extermination Fire Lotus.’ At that time, he would become a sinner of the Jia Nan Academy.

Xiao Yan did not destroy the ice-cold corpse of the...

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