Chapter 893: Fail

Chapter 893: Fail

Su Qian seemed to be aware of what Xiao Yan was thinking as he watched his eyes suddenly become fiery hot. He waved his hand toward Xiao Yan and indicated for him to calm down.

“Old Qian, please head down to rest for awhile. Old Bai should be back in awhile.” Su Qian smiled. He gave Old Qian, who was suspended in the sky, a suggestion. His gaze swept over the sky. Those experts from the Demon Flame Valley from earlier had also followed Han Feng in fleeing. Hence, the sky appeared empty at this moment. The silence was without the soul-stirring big battle from earlier.

Old Qian did not reject Su Qian when he heard this. He nodded slightly before his footsteps gently pressed on the sky and slowly landed on the ground. Su Qian, Xiao Yan, and the rest followed behind.

The students of the Inner Academy where they had landed had already been scattered by the Elders. Xiao Li and the rest who had been waiting by the side, swiftly came forward. Their anxious eyes swept over Xiao Yan before they hurriedly asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Second brother, this in Old Qian from the Inner Academy. Fortunately, he intervened earlier. Otherwise,...

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