Chapter 891: Qian Bai Two Elders

Chapter 891: Qian Bai Two Elders

The two gray-colored human figures had appeared without the slightest forewarning. Xiao Yan had not sensed anything before his eyes saw them. This sudden unexpected change had also caused his changing hand seals to pause a little. He was silent for a moment as his eyes glanced at the large fireball. Finally, he involuntarily cried out in a stern voice, “Two sirs, the fireball is about to explode. Hurry up and leave!”

Having heard the reminder from Xiao Yan’s cry, the two gray-robed figures beside the enormous fireball slowly raised their heads. Their old and experienced eyes calmly glanced at Xiao Yan. This random glance caused Xiao Yan to realize that the intensely churning wild and violent medicinal strength within his body had actually calmed down…

Surprise involuntarily surfaced in Xiao Yan’s eyes as he sensed this change within his body. They were able to suppress the revolting medicinal strength within his body from such a great distance. This strength… was it not too unnatural and frightening? Just who were these two mysterious gray-robed experts? Since when did such frightening experts...

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