Chapter 890: Great Destruction

Chapter 890: Great Destruction

The remaining blood color on Xiao Yan’s face swiftly disappeared after the fire lotus left his hand. He coughed intensely and a thread of fresh blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. Given his current strength, he became really weak after merging this so-called ‘Extermination Fire Lotus.’ Although he had succeeded in forcefully merging it, it had also resulted in quite the backlash from him. If he had not been extremely familiar with the flames, it was likely that the first life that this ‘Extermination Fire Lotus’ took would have been his.

Xiao Yan swiftly took out a few medicinal pills from his Storage Ring and stuffed them into his mouth. Only after sensing the swiftly spreading medicinal strength within his body did he sigh in relief. His gaze was immediately focused on the colorful fire lotus that floated through the air.

The colorful fire lotus quietly drew through the sky. No other activity was present other than the long spatial crack line behind it. However, it was this silence that caused the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s face to become numb. He clearly understood that he might really end up being killed by the hands of this...

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