Chapter 890: Great Destruction

Chapter 890: Great Destruction

The remaining blood color on Xiao Yan’s face swiftly disappeared after the fire lotus left his hand. He coughed intensely and a thread of fresh blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. Given his current strength, he became really weak after merging this so-called ‘Extermination Fire Lotus.’ Although he had succeeded in forcefully merging it, it had also resulted in quite the backlash from him. If he had not been extremely familiar with the flames, it was likely that the first life that this ‘Extermination Fire Lotus’ took would have been his.

Xiao Yan swiftly took out a few medicinal pills from his Storage Ring and stuffed them into his mouth. Only after sensing the swiftly spreading medicinal strength within his body did he sigh in relief. His gaze was immediately focused on the colorful fire lotus that floated through the air.

The colorful fire lotus quietly drew through the sky. No other activity was present other than the long spatial crack line behind it. However, it was this silence that caused the Old Ground Demon Ghost’s face to become numb. He clearly understood that he might really end up being killed by the hands of this young fellow, whose strength was merely at that of a four star Dou Huang.

The Old Ground Demon Ghost did not dare to slight anything at this critical moment. He inhaled a deep breath of air and his expression suddenly became a strange flushed-red. One could hear a wave of hissing sound as one saw a countless amount of black, cold air spurt out of the pores on the former’s body in all directions. Moreover, the black-colored, cold air was faintly mixed with a bright-redness. It was this faint bright-redness that caused the dark-black, cold air to become even more dark and cold…

“Winter Cold Blood!”

A sinister cry was hoarsely emitted from the mouth of the Old Ground Demon Ghost. Following the cry, the dark-black, cold air swiftly swelled. Within the short blink of an eye, it transformed into a black, cold cloud that was over a hundred feet large. The Old Ground Demon Ghost’s figure was completely wrapped in it.

The cold cloud had just appeared when the temperature of this space suddenly turned ice-cold. Many tiny ice crystals suddenly fell from the sky in a strange manner. If there was a person with sharp senses, that person would discover that these ice crystals were actually formed from the water vapor contained within the air. It was unexpected that the black-colored, cold cloud of the Old Ground Demon Ghost would actually possess such a frighteningly low temperature…

The low temperature spread like a ripple in a lightning-like manner. In an instant, almost half of the Inner Academy was covered by a thin layer of frost. All of the students ended up shivering from the ice. Moreover, some of the more observant ones shockingly discovered that even the Dou Qi within their bodies displayed hints of forming ice under this kind of strange cold air…

This frightening cold air of the Old Ground Demon Ghost actually caused even the Dou Qi within one’s body to solidify. He was indeed worthy of being a seven star Dou Zong. Such a tactic was really frightening!

Forget about the students who were not considered very strong. Even the faces of some of the expert Elders from the Demon Flame Valley and the Inner Academy had turned somewhat green at this moment. Ice crystals on their hair flickered. They clenched their teeth hard and maneuvered the Dou Qi within their body to resist this kind of frightening cold air.

During the time that the black, cold clouds appeared, the colorful fire lotus had arrived. Following the approach of the fire lotus, the black-colored, cloud began to intensely fluctuate. Threads of dense white fog rose before being vaporized by the high temperature contained within the fire lotus.

With the approach of the fire lotus, the high temperature ended up resisting much of the icy-cold temperature. Only then did the many students from the Inner Academy feel better. Immediately, they raised their heads and widened their eyes. Their line of sight flowed into the sky like a meteorite before colliding into the colorful fire lotus within the enormous black cloud.


The fire lotus cut through the air in front of a countless number of eyes. Finally, it was just like a meteorite that carried a soft ‘pu chi’ sound as it quietly rushed into the black-colored cloud that permeated the sky…

The fire lotus that contained a destructive energy rushed into the cloud. However, while everyone was waiting for a soul-stirring great explosion, the cold cloud descended into a strange quiet. Even the external surface of the cold cloud did not reveal the slightest ripple.

This ridiculous scene immediately caused everyone to become stunned. They looked at each other. Just when they thought that the frightening fire lotus had been completely frozen by the cold cloud, the face of Su Qian in the sky suddenly changed. His hurried, but still stern, cry resounded over the sky of the Inner Academy.

“All Elders from the Inner Academy, withdraw quickly! All students, prone immediately! Hurry!”

Su Qian immediately rushed back after his cry sounded. The Inner Academy’s Elders were slightly startled upon seeing this scene. After which, they hurriedly withdrew. The Inner Academy students on the ground basically instinctively lay prone with a splashing sound after hearing Su Qian’s voice due to his usual prestige. Hence, the enormous Inner Academy looked like a countless number of corpses…

Little Fairy Doctor’s pretty face also changed when Su Qian withdrew. She had similarly sensed the surging destructive energy within the black-colored, cold cloud. Her body immediately flashed and she appeared beside Zi Yan. Curling her hand, she sucked the latter over from across the air before withdrawing in a lightning-like manner.

Of course, the people who were fleeing at the same time as them included Su Qian and some of the Demon Flame Valley’s expert. In any case, the sky had already become exceptionally unusual at this moment. Everyone began to go all out in an attempt to leave this battleground as though they were escaping from a disaster…

Not long after Su Qian’s cry sounded, the interior of the cloud, which had been silent, suddenly shook violently. Immediately, a low and deep sound appeared, like it had rose from deep within everyone’s soul. It caused their hearts to beat violently as an unusual frightening pressure caused their limbs to involuntarily tremble…

“Bang! Crack!”

Low, deep sounds had just appeared when the black, cold cloud suddenly began to churn. Vivid colors were vaguely visible. After which… a colorful fire wave that was a thousand feet large emitted a ‘bang’ and swept out of the black cloud. As the fire wave spread, even the cold cloud, that had been able to freeze the air into ice, actually began to scatter. It did not have any ability to resist…

The thousand-foot-large colorful fire wave swept over the sky. Those experts from the Demon Flame Valley who were slow to flee were instantly turned into nothingness. Not even their ashes remained. Seeing the horror of the fire wave, the people who had fled in time earlier immediately patted their chests with pale white faces. It was fortunate that they had reacted quickly.

The fire wave that spread out caused some of the buildings within the Inner Academy to be shaken until they cracked apart. The forest within a thousand meter radius of the Inner Academy was razed into a vast borderless flat land at this moment. The ground was so flat that there was not the slightest barrier on it…

“There is one more wave. Be careful. Move further away!”

Su Qian hurriedly cried out. His body involuntarily trembled once again as he looked at the single fire wave, causing such frightening destruction.

Almost all of the experts went all out and withdrew upon hearing Su Qian’s cry this time around. The fate of those experts from the Demon Flame Valley, who had been swallowed by the flame earlier, had clearly told them what would happen if they were to be implicated by the flame. They would not even leave any ashes behind!

Su Qian’s gaze suddenly looked to the Inner Academy that was situated under the battleground as he hurriedly withdrew. There were still quite a number of students present there. Immediately, his expression became much paler. He hurriedly cried out, “All students, quickly find a place to hide!”

The Inner Academy descended into a panic when Su Qian’s voice sounded. Countless numbers of students fled in all directions, searching for a place to hide. They had finally understood what they saw at this moment. The frightening fire lotus in the sky had already escaped the control of senior Xiao Yan when it had unleashed an even more frightening energy. It was likely that the entire Inner Academy would instantly be turned into flat land.

Su Qian’s reminder at this moment was undoubtedly a little late. While the Inner Academy had descended into chaos, a bright colorful light pillar suddenly shot to the sky from the already much fainter black-colored cloud. One could clearly see the light pillar that shot toward the sky within a fifty kilometer radius...

An enormous fireball that was over two hundred feet across slowly rose from the cold cloud the instant the light pillar rose. The destructive strength contained within the fireball caused the surrounding space to become extremely distorted. There was even a faint black spatial crack appearing…

The massive fireball appeared like another sun that was unleashing a frightening temperature. The destructive strength contained within it caused the faces of everyone present, including its creator Xiao Yan, to become pale. If this fireball were to explode, it was likely that this Inner Academy and the surrounding fifty kilometers would instantly cease to exist…

Xiao Yan was also unable to explain why the fire lotus had become so terrifying. He had lost the ability to control it ever since he shot the fire lotus into the black cloud. The reason that there was such a great change was likely because of the transformation from the collision and friction between the extremely hot and cold air. Regardless of what was the cause, the fireball was, at the moment, no longer within Xiao Yan’s control. If it was allowed to simply explode… all the students within the Inner Academy would not even have a corpse remaining!

Upon thinking of this ending, even Xiao Yan ended up violently shivering. This time around, he seemed to have really played things a little too riskily…

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air as a vicious expression flashed through his eyes. He took out a bunch of medicinal pills from his storage ring and violently stuffed them into his mouth. He sensed the powerful medicinal effect within his body and endured the pain that was transmitted from his Qi Paths. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out before he grabbed this fresh blood with his hands.

Regardless of what happened, the fire lotus was created by Xiao Yan. He might have lost control of it earlier, but he still had a method to once again control it. However, the price was quite great. He might end up having to recuperate for years after this and he may find it difficult to return to his peak. At this moment, however… he could not be bothered.

Xiao Yan’s hands that contained fresh blood slowly moved and formed some seals. Dense blood lines gradually rose in his dark-black eyes…

Following the change of Xiao Yan’s hand seal, the swollen pain within his body became intenser. Just when he was prepared to go all out, however, his eyes, which were staring intently at the fireball, shrank slightly. This was because he had discovered that beside the fireball….

Two old gray-colored human figures were slowly appearing in a strange manner…

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