Chapter 888: Crazy

Chapter 888: Crazy

Although the Little Fairy Doctor felt some doubt in her heart, all she did was merely nod her head. She softly said, “I will help you buy sufficient time…”

Xiao Yan gently exhaled when he heard this. He stared at the Old Ground Demon Ghost before he flapped his wings and slowly withdrew. His heart had also somewhat rejoiced that he had successfully refined the Sky Bird Nine Flying Wings before this big battle. Otherwise, he really did not have the confidence to be able to flee for such a long time under the attacks of the Old Ground Demon Ghost…

The eyes of the Old Ground Demon Ghost turned cold when he saw Xiao Yan move back. He violently swung his sleeves and a dark-black ice awl shot toward Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner.


The black-colored ice awl had just been shot out when a dense corrosive grayish-purple Dou Qi shot over and violently collided with it. The ice awl was turned into nothingness amid a wave of ‘chi chi’ sound.

“Your opponent is me…” The Little Fairy Doctor’s tall lovely figure was suspended in the sky. A breeze blew, causing her long snow-white hair, that extended to her buttocks, to slowly dance in the wind. Her emotionless eyes stared at the Old Ground Demon Ghost as she slowly spoke.

The Old Ground Demon Ghost coldly laughed as he frowned. The then turned to the Little Fairy Doctor in front of him, “Although I do not know why your strength has suddenly soared by a certain amount,...

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